Pairing Saltwater Pearls with Fashion: Styling Tips and Trends

For decades, saltwater pearls have occupied the most revered position as a cherished gemstone by royalty, fashion icons, aristocracy, and celebrities. While there are plenty of reasons behind this lustrous gem’s popularity, its enigmatic charm, versatility, rarity, and timeless elegance are the biggest reasons. Their opulence and style profile has made them one of the top gemstone choices for most contemporary accessories, so one can easily come across high-end fashion jewellery featuring authentic saltwater pearls. 

A quick look at recent fashion trends will highlight that saltwater pearls are one of the few gemstones that transcended fleeting trends and retained their position as timeless and classic gemstones. The rising trend of wearing baroque pearls, oversized pearl statement pieces, and even saltwater pearl hair accessories is making every fashion-conscious individual pause and look for chic ways to incorporate this gemstone into their styling routine. 

While there is no ‘one’ way to style a classic saltwater pearl necklace or other accessories, there are certain evergreen styling tips that can work for most women. This article lists all the best styling tips that can instantly upgrade every person’s style profile, making them look gorgeous and royal. So, let’s quickly explore the tips shared below.

  • Monochromatic Outfits with Pearl Accents

Women desiring to carry an affluent, modern, and sleek look must consider pairing a statement saltwater pearl necklace or chandelier saltwater pearl earrings with a monochromatic outfit in a neutral shade. Since white pearls create a stunning contrast when paired with neutral-hued outfits like black, white, beige, etc., it becomes easy to create show-stopping looks. In such styles, pearls often stand out as the focal point, adding the right amount of luminosity and glamour to the ensemble.

  • Layering Pearls with Other Jewellery

One of the best characteristics of this gemstone is its versatility. Since it pairs easily with most gemstones, metals, textures, patterns, etc., it can be seamlessly incorporated and blended with other matching or entirely different yet complementing accessories. Anyone wanting to create an eclectic and uber-chic look must experiment with their accessories by layering them with saltwater pearl jewellery. 

For example, stacking multiple saltwater pearl bracelets with a statement bangle or cuff can create a personalized style statement unique to your personality. Another great option is pairing a chunky saltwater pearl choker with dainty, sleek, and minimalistic gold or silver chains featuring long lengths and complementing gemstones.

  • Contrasting with Bold Colours

Why stick to understated and predictable looks when creating edgy and standout ones is easier? One doesn’t need many high-end accessories to design statement ensembles, but the right style guide is needed for optimal impact. If you have an elegant single saltwater pearl necklace or earrings, pair them with contrasting outfits of bold and vibrant colours. These accessories will look stunning on a bright red or cobalt blue dress, blouse, and blazer. Such style pairings usually make the pearls pop against the vivid hues, creating a striking and eye-catching combination. This styling tip is perfect for creating attention-grabbing ensembles for concerts, parties, vacations, and other celebratory events.

  • Casual Chic with Jeans and Pearls

Some people have a misconception that saltwater pearls are reserved for creating more professional looks. While pearls are excellent for uplifting formal attires, their styling scope isn’t restricted. With the right saltwater pearl accessory, anyone can transform even the most basic, regular outfits into classic and head-turning ones. Pair a simple white t-shirt or blouse with distressed jeans and a minimalistic saltwater pearl bracelet or solitaire pendant chain. It will create an effortless yet chic look, perfect for running errands or quickly catching up with friends for brunch. 

  • Evening Glamour with Long Pearl Strands

This styling tip is ideal for creating a polished and professional look for formal evening events or galas. Consider wearing a long, multi-strand, opera-length saltwater pearl necklace with a well-coordinated outfit like a floor-length gown, heels, minimalistic gemstone-studded bracelet, classic earrings, and a classic ring. The entire attire can be accentuated by keeping the makeup and hairdo minimalistic yet classic and stylish. 

Statement accessories featuring oversized pearls, different hues, gorgeous designs, and authentic metals can be paired with diverse outfits like cocktail dresses, elegant evening gowns, etc., to add a touch of old Hollywood glamour and sophistication to evening looks. 

Embracing Saltwater Pearl Jewellery to Create Head-Turning Ensembles 

Saltwater pearls are a testament to nature’s artistry, and their brilliance is reflected beautifully in the accessories made using these gemstones. They are versatile, timeless, and classic, making them the perfect accessorizing choice for special events. Whether an individual prefers carrying minimalistic yet classic looks or bold and edgy looks, saltwater pearl jewellery can seamlessly blend into different ensembles to complete and achieve the desired look. 

If you already have some saltwater pearl accessories or are planning to buy these, the styling tips listed in this exhaustive article will help you look your best on every occasion. While the tips highlighted above are time-tested and effective, feel free to experiment with styling methods that best align with your personality and fashion sensibilities.