Online Cricket Betting is Legal in India

Cricket, being the national sport within India, attracts new fans every year. And no wonder: exciting matches and unexpected moves increase the excitement and interest in watching the tournaments. And to make it especially rewarding, many people discover the world of sports betting with a chance to make money. Nevertheless, there remain those who are worried about the legality of this activity.

Betting on cricket in India: What is it?

Betting on cricket in India is a procedure carried out by players. Its essence is to determine the potential outcome of a match and predict the outcome for money. In India, betting on cricket tournaments such as:

  • Indian Premier League (IPL);
  • Tier 1 Cricket;
  • One-day matches;
  • T20 (‘Twenty20’).

Each of these is a wide field of opportunities to make money!

What types of bets can players place on cricket?

In order to follow tournaments in offline and Live modes, players, on almost every platform, have options on what they can bet on. These include:

  • Match totals;
  • Statistics;
  • Best player;
  • Fastest competitor;
  • Highest or lowest score;
  • Data on the teams as a whole or their individual competitors;
  • And much more!

All this is created and maintained solely to increase every player’s interest in cricket betting.

Why is it legal to bet on cricket in India?

In terms of the legal issue of regulating online betting companies, it is important to point out that all these activities are perfectly legal. And here’s why:

  • The current laws of India do not contain any direct bans on online gambling. The only exceptions may be offline establishments;
  • None of the districts in today’s country impose restrictions on gambling activities either;
  • All companies providing cricket betting services in India operate under special international approvals – licenses. In particular, this may be Curacao or Malta.

These and many other features indicate that online mode is the salvation for those who are used to playing and earning! After all, the absence of any prohibitions is a potential sanction for running such a programme.

Liability for violating cricket betting bans in India

It is important to say that since there is no legal ban on online gambling in India, no liability can be imposed on players. Nevertheless, there are exceptions:

  • Prohibition of any fraudulent activity;
  • Impersonation of another person;
  • Disposal of other people’s property (finances);
  • Violation of the internal established rules of the platform.

These and many other nuances suggest that some form of liability does exist. Violation of the platform’s internal rules may result in temporary or permanent restriction of access, freezing of the personal account. Other infringements, on the other hand, may lead to criminal charges.

What are the rules for legal cricket betting in India?

In order to keep yourself completely safe from illegal activities or detrimental influences, you need to follow the following tips:

  • Research the current laws in your area/area;
  • Pay attention to the existence and/or relevance of the license of the company you choose to bet on cricket;
  • Set financial or time limits for your time spent on the platform;
  • Only start gambling after reaching the age of majority;
  • Use only your personal details;
  • Do not take other people’s money for deposits and withdrawals.

This list of tips is not meant to be exhaustive. Many of them are aimed at ensuring the legality of such activities and the safety of players.

Advantages of using validly licensed cricket betting platforms in India

A license is the one document that directly affects the quality of services provided. The pros of choosing such a platform include:

  • Reduced risks;
  • High level of quality;
  • Trust;
  • Safety;
  • Convenience and personal confidence for each player.

As a general rule, an honest and interested in success company conducts up-to-date updates of this special document affecting cricket betting in India.