Most Popular Chevy Tonneau Covers

Choosing your perfect set of truck accessories can be a lifelong vocation for some drivers. For others, it’s a stage of truck setup that happens every time you trade in a vehicle, just to make sure it has everything you need. Whether you are constantly reaching for the next upgrade or you’re looking to supplement its stock option package with a few extras, you’ll find what you need in today’s accessory market. One of the most basic and popular choices, one that a lot of drivers consider an absolute essential, is the tonneau cover.

Popular Chevrolet tonneau cover designs vary a lot and provide you with a range of options, but they all do a few things in common. They keep rain and snow out of your bed and off your cargo. They keep other people’s eyes off your cargo. They can even help a little with gas mileage, and locking covers provide security too.

Chevrolet Colorado Tonneau Cover

There are a lot of options out there when it comes to finding a tonneau cover for your Colorado. Since most covers are fit by truck bed size, trucks like the Colorado that use common bed sizes get to enjoy a very wide selection. While you can find a half dozen or so brands competing in this market at the right size points, today’s top choices typically come from LEER. There are other great brands, but this one has a longstanding reputation for quality truck accessories and a huge range of choices.

  • Remote controlled-roll up covers
  • Manual roll-up covers
  • Snap-on tonneau options
  • Hinged hard-tops
  • Folding covers
  • Hybrid designs with built-in organization

If you are having a hard time wading through all the choices for the perfect Chevrolet Colorado tonneau cover, your next step needs to be making a clear list of the features you need so you can narrow it down. If price is an issue, you’ll find that automated and hard-top covers tend to be the most expensive, but they are often well worth the investment.

Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Tonneau Cover

Like the Colorado, the Silverado 1500 has a lot of choices for great tonneau covers. It’s another popular truck with common bed sizes and a huge base of support in the truck accessory market. Prices range from nearly $3,000 for a fully automated roll-up design with all the bells and whistles to a little under $400 for a basic snap-tight cover that keeps the weather out of your truck bed and lets you safely carry cargo. In between you have a ton of options ranging from tri-fold designs to builds with organizers and extra tool boxes.

When you are choosing a new Chevrolet Silverado 1500 tonneau cover, price is only the first consideration. Like Colorado models, the Silverado has a half dozen or more top brands that provide you with choices, but many of the most popular ones come from LEER. It should be no surprise that the company you rely on for innovative lighting and camping accessories can also be your go-to for essentials like a new tonneau cover.