Most Healthy Tea You Should Be Drinking

All of us are aware of the fact that tea is considered to be the healthiest drink these days. Also, many of us know that the white teas are the most hale and hearty ones out of all. In case you are looking to give yourself a treat with a high-quality premium white tea, Silver needles white tea is the one for you. If you want to experience better the pleasure of drinking tea, buying a suitable tea set or a good cup and saucer is necessary.

The shorter name for this tea is generally known is white tip tea. The most attractive feature of this tea is that it is the highest quality tea and has a great flavor accompanied by an aromatic fragrance. This delicious tea is a delight for all tea lovers as it is made by picking leaves from the tree only during a certain part of the year. Some of the major reasons why this Silver needle white tea by Boba franchise is considered to be the healthiest are as follows.

  1. Wakes you up refreshed and energized: White teas are made up of young tea leaves and their buds. They have a higher level of caffeine in them in comparison to the older leaves and buds even of green tea. Thus, they are a good waking-up option.
  2. It is exclusive: White tea is a specialty in itself and it is the most sought-after tea and also a rare find. Only a few people have had the pleasure of tasting this delicious rich tea to date.
  3. Made of the highest quality leaves: Silver needle white tea is considered to be the most expensive tea as it is found in very fewer amounts and is also picked only between March 15 and April 10. This is the most suitable time to pick these prized possessions’ i.e the buds and leaves as it does not rain during that time. They can be hence easily picked as unopened and undamaged buds.
  4. Fights cancer: As per the research conducted at Oregon State University’s Linus Pauling Institute, white tea acts as a deterrent and helps fight cancer. It has the highest anti-oxidant levels which have the maximum potential to cure any type of cancer.
  5. Affordable: If we see the benefits of white tea keeping in consideration that it is a rare find in the whole world, the price tag with which it comes is quite low.

Some other health benefits of this tea are that it helps to protect against strokes and also aids in lowering high blood pressure. It helps protect against low cholesterol and gives strength to bones thereby preventing osteoporosis. This tea serves as a good tonic for a healthy heart and has antibacterial properties to guard the body against common cold, cough, and flu. Also, it is good for teeth and gums and prevents the decay of teeth by killing bacteria.

So, the next time you plan to buy tea for yourself and your family from Boba franchise, you can easily order Silver needle white tea online. Just after a few days from the time you start drinking it, you would experience a visible difference.