Modern Floor Lamp Ideas for Living Room

Your living room is the reflection of your taste. When someone enters your living room, they get an idea of ​​your taste. 

Proper lighting can change the look of your living room. For instance, good lighting can make your living room lively; on the other hand, poor lighting makes your living room gloomy.

When it comes to lighting, floor lamps are the best choice to change the look of your living room. Regarding that, we’ll discuss some modern floor lamp ideas for living room that help to make your room lively within a second.

Modern Floor Lamp Ideas for Living Room

Keeping the room sparkling isn’t always easy, but it’s possible. And that’s more than possible when you have a good collection of lamps. 

Here are some modern floor lamp ideas to make your living room aesthetic and sophisticated. Keep scrolling. 

1. Serge Mouille Floor Lamp

In 1953, Serge Mouille designed this famous floor lamp. It’s a tripod-style floor lamp. Its compacted design lets you quickly move this lamp from one corner to another of your living room and make your room illuminated.

2. Flos IC F2 Floor Lamp

In 2014, Michael Anastassiades designed this floor lamp; the slender silhouette of this lamp resists gravity. A beautiful round glass shade of the lamp helps to distribute light and gives a warm glow. However, the frame is Curved but strong enough.

3. Solveig Floor Lamp

Avril de Pastre designed this floor lamp. In Swedish, Solveig means ‘path of the sun.’ A reflector steel sheet and a magnet used to connect the shade with the base. 

4. Ikea Regolith Floor Lamp

If you’re looking for a unique design floor lamp for your living room, Ikea Regolith Floor Lamp is one of the best choices. It provides diffused lighting. 

Plus, you’ll find paper shade in this lamp. That makes it easily cleanable with the help of a soft brush. It’d be best to use a matte light bulb to get uniform diffused light.

5. Laura Ashley Floor Lamp

Laura Ashley floor lamp illuminates your living room and makes your living room chic, elegant, and sophisticated. It’s very slim, has a single stem, and is wrapped with a linen lampshade. 

Your living room will look sparkling when you attach three bulbs to this lamp.. A simple footswitch is there to turn the light on / off quickly.

6. Spar Floor Lamp

Jamie McLellan is the designer of extra floor lamps, and he designed this lamp inspired by the classic sailing boat. There’s an electric tension wire attached to the lamp, and it’s made of spun aluminium and steel.

When a guest comes to your house and sees this lamp in a particular corner of your living room, he’ll quickly understand how fancy and creative you are.

7. Bijou Contemporary Tripod Floor Lamp

After placing this wooden tripod-style floor lamp in a perfect place in your living room, it makes your room more elegant. The total weight of this lamp is almost 9 pounds, and a 9.5-watt energy-saving LED bulb is attached to this lamp. 

When you install this floor lamp in your living room, it’ll enhance the beauty of your room. Your guests will surely be impressed to see the beauty of your living room.

8. Arne Jacobsen Style Floor Lamp

Arne Jacobsen made this floor lamp for a Royal Hotel situated in Copenhagen. This floor lamp is made from spun steel with a cast aluminum base to make it stable. 

The sleek and elegant design of this floor lamp enhances the beauty of your living room. With the help of a soft cloth, you can easily clean the surface of this lamp.

Final Words

If you’ve been searching for modern floor lamp ideas for the living room, you may find the above idea truly fancy. It’s worth mentioning that these floor lamps ideas can create unique lighting effects while making your home interior more beautiful and be used to warm up the surrounding indoor environment.