ML2-EC10SA Toshiba Air Fryer & Microwave Honest Review

This is my review of the all-in-one release of the Toshiba air fryer and microwave from the company where I have shared with guys all the pros and cons of this premium-looking microwave. Read this review to learn everything about ML2-EC10SA microwave.

Before I go into the details of this new microwave release from the company, here are the good/bad things about this appliance. 

The Good: 

  1. Stunning aesthetics and outer shell made from high-quality materials.
  2. The construction feels solid and premium
  3. A recipe book with the box is great
  4. Highly cost-effective
  5. Multifunction cooking in a single oven

The Bad:

  1. Glass Turntable could be more reliable.
  2. Convection set goes through issues over time.
  3. No Numeric pad can be annoying for some

Build Quality:

The ML2 toshiba air fryer and microwave duo are made of stainless steel and a thick sheet of the outer shell. I love the cold feeling of steel which gives a premium sense to the entire construction. The front is in black tinted glass covered with aluminum edges. Your usual power and other mode selections touch panel are on the right. A soft rotating knob on the bottom lets you set the timer. Overall, the design of the ML2 air fryer and microwave combo is top-notch, and I am satisfied with it. This particular model also won the Red Dot Design award 2021; sharing this just to let you know that it is the real deal.

Operation and Performance: Using the microwave has a learning curve since it has so many modes to operate. I have used their classic microwave function, which works great for the normal power mode. The odor removal mode was different from my expectation as I tried to remove odor from half a pound of turkey. It wasn’t that bad; it worked to a certain degree but not something to be blown away. The convection and grill options are also there, but I last used them in writing this review (I will update you when I get the results).

I tried baking a pizza in this microwave, and it worked surprisingly well. I was blown away by how technology has changed in a few years and gone are the days when we were supposed to get an authentic pizza experience only from a flaming grill or oven. I would have preferred the absence of a numeric keypad, which is my personal preference. Many of you won’t want to have such keypads nowadays, but in my opinion, that was a more straightforward way than using a knob which can be inaccurate. The clicking mechanism of the counter knob also restricts the 30-second or minute increments, which is inconvenient. Other than these two hiccups, the microwave generally performs very well.

Final Thoughts: At the time of writing, this model from Toshiba is priced at 220 dollars which is a little on the pricey side considering how cheap one can get a microwave from leading brands nowadays. But the deal becomes very attractive when you put the multifunction in the equation. Some people have reported that they ran into issues with its glass turntable after one year of use, but that case was only for me at the time of writing (i used this microwave for four months before writing this review).

If it keeps on working this way, I can give a solid 7.5 to this microwave. Its build quality is excellent and matches most kitchen appliances with its stainless steel and black glass color scheme. The recipe book out of the box is also a nice touch which I haven’t seen from any microwave oven manufacturer. To wrap up this review, this microwave is for those looking to save up some space in the kitchen and get multiple cooking modes, especially the air frying one, which gives you a healthy way to enjoy your crispy snacks. This Toshiba air fryer and microwave combo are great for people with less space in the kitchen, and getting this will give them a lot of cooking in one metallic shell.