MEXC: Nurturing A Prosperous Digital Community With A User-Centric Approach

Since its inception, MEXC has remained committed to its development principle of “Users First, Changing for You.” Through a range of innovative initiatives, we have effectively cultivated a vibrant and dynamic digital community.

Customer First: Prioritizing User Needs

MEXC Exchange has consistently prioritized user needs in its service approach. In November 2022, MEXC introduced a brand update, shifting its color scheme from “Forest Green” to “Ocean Blue.” According to the

MEXC announcement

, this change originated from suggestions by Korean users and gained widespread acclaim after a successful trial on the Korean platform. Subsequently, MEXC conducted surveys in various countries and regions, leading to the official platform-wide upgrade to “Ocean Blue” based on the majority of user feedback. This decision aligns with MEXC’s overarching development principle of “Users First, Changing for You.”

Throughout MEXC’s development history, the core principle of “Users First” has remained steadfast. By consistently understanding user habits, needs, and refining platform features and services, MEXC has successfully cultivated a thriving digital community.

Changing for You: Innovating Trends in Digital Finance

MEXC is dedicated to pioneering services and consistently elevating user experiences. Our product portfolio includes industry-defining offerings such as spot trading, futures trading, MEXC Savings, and the collateralized borrowing service MEXC Loans, addressing a variety of user needs. In the sphere of events, MEXC remains current by hosting distinctive spot and futures-related events such as Kickstarters, M-Day, futures competitions, Launchpad, and many more. Furthermore, MEXC promptly adds new tokens to the platform to meet the trading requirements of our users.

Co-building a Digital Community: Users as Participants and Builders

MEXC’s philosophy of community co-building empowers users not only as participants but also as architects of the platform. By engaging in diverse community events, trading competitions, and user voting, MEXC actively promotes user participation in platform decisions, fostering a collaborative and inclusive digital financial community.

In December 2021, MEXC introduced the MX Token 2.0 proposal, which involved suggesting a redistribution of the MX held by the foundation and the burning of 100 million tokens. Following a vote among MX holders, the proposal garnered majority approval, resulting in its execution.

Sustainable Growth: Social Responsibility in the Digital Finance Community

As a centralized exchange (CEX), MEXC is dedicated to enhancing its business operations and refining the user trading experience. Additionally, MEXC remains committed to charitable and public welfare activities. In 2023, MEXC continued its efforts to spread love and warmth globally, undertaking philanthropic initiatives to assist and support those in need worldwide. Statistically, the year 2023 saw MEXC organizing numerous charitable activities in destinations such as Turkey, Ukraine, and Vietnam.

In February 2023, Turkey experienced a devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake, resulting in substantial human casualties as well as an enormous amount of property damage. In the aftermath, MEXC swiftly responded by extending support worth a total of 2 million TRY to assist earthquake victims. Later in October 2023, the MEXC Vietnam team embarked on a mission to temples and remote regions, delivering lanterns, toys, and mooncakes to underprivileged children while sharing a warm Mid-Autumn Festival celebration with the children.. As they bid farewell, the MEXC Vietnam team concluded their visit with an on-site cash donation to the temple’s abbot.

Inspired by MEXC’s guiding principles, we’ve observed the emergence of a digital community that transcends the confines of a platform solely dedicated to digital asset trading. This distinctive ecosystem encourages users to collaboratively build, share, and thrive together. Within this environment, users evolve beyond mere participants in digital asset transactions. They become pivotal contributors to community development, jointly crafting a dynamic and innovative digital finance world.