McDonald’s Breakfast Time ( Opening & Closing Hours )

McDonald’s is popular in the United States of America and beyond for its amazing meals. The fast food chain who is known for its top quality food is now one of the people’s favorites in the United States. People from far and near now patronize McDonald’s as they hear the exciting news that the fast food chain is always ready to welcome their customers with open hands.

If you want to know when McDonald’s breakfast time is, you are in the right place. My team and i are ready to provide the necessary information that will clear any confusion that you have concerning the McDonald’s breakfast time. 

You definitely should take breakfast serious as it’s medically proven to be one of the most important meals of the day. During breakfast, it’s best to get well prepared tasty meal, have a look at the McDonald’s breakfast menu and you will surely be looking forward to having a taste of their meals. 

This article will be of great help to people who normally miss their McDonald’s breakfast time. Lengthy information will be provided in this article to guide you not to miss your breakfast anymore.

McDonald’s knows the importance of early morning meal and that is why they encourage eating breakfast at the right time, so a particular time has been set for breakfast. As a regular customer of McDonald’s, Knowing the time they start starting breakfast and the time they stop serving could come handful for you as you won’t have to face the disappointment of missing your McDonald’s breakfast again. 

Do you wish to know the exact time McDonald’s stops and serves breakfast? Don’t worry the answer will soon be brought to you. 

When Is McDonald’s Breakfast Time? 

McDonald’s breakfast time starts from 6.00Am and ends 10.00Am. During this time, you can purchase any item on the McDonald’s breakfast menu, and after this time you can’t.

Nothing is more disappointing than realizing you are late for the McDonald’s breakfast time, when the worker at the counter tells you the breakfast item you are craving for is no longer available, that feeling is disgusting. 

Grabbing a bite out of the McDonald’s breakfast item is quite easy, all you have to do is ready your funds and perfect your timing.

If you are a morning shift worker, and you don’t have the time to prepare your breakfast yourself, you can simply walk into the McDonald’s restaurant and place your order. 

McDonald’s doesn’t serve breakfast out of their breakfast hour, so they did well by providing their customers 4 hours to enjoy any of their desired breakfast meal. Although some fast food chain serve their breakfast all day, this is not the same for McDonald’s. Go at the right time and you won’t have to settle for the lunch Menu. 

At times, the McDonald’s breakfast time may not be the same as other locations near you, However, the above time is actually applicable to other numerous McDonald’s locations. If you think the McDonald’s near you time is different to this, we strongly recommend you calling their customer care line for more details.

Can I Buy Everything During McDonald’s Breakfast Time?

During the McDonald’s breakfast time, you can only purchase the item on their breakfast menu. All other items won’t be sold to you during that time.

A customer once walked into the McDonald’s during their breakfast time and said she wants to buy the Deluxe Crispy Chicken Sandwich, she was told to wait as it’s only available after their breakfast time. 

All other items will be available After the breakfast hour and you will have the chance to buy all other items till closing time. 


When Is McDonald’s Breakfast Hours?

The McDonald’s breakfast hour starts 6.00Am and ends 10.00Am. after this time they will shift to their other menu.

Does McDonald’s Serve Breakfast All Day?

During the McDonald’s breakfast hour, you can only buy the items available on their breakfast menu and after their breakfast hour they switch to their lunch menu. 

Does McDonald’s Serve Breakfast During Weekends? 

Yes. The McDonald’s breakfast will be available throughout the week from 6.00Am to 10.00Am. hush in at this time and you won’t have to wait till the next day before you can buy your breakfast meal. 


McDonald’s is a home of amazing meals, to have a shot at their breakfast menu, go there before 10Am. If you miss this time you might have to wait till the next day before you can a grab a bite out of their breakfast menu.