Making money online never been easy – 2023 guide

1. e-commerce boom

Since the start of the pandemic and subsequent confinement, internet sales have grown vertiginously. By 2022 it is estimated that there will be 64 million digital buyers compared to 57.5 million in 2021. Entering e-commerce will be necessary for all industries, especially those related to the sale and distribution of electronics and video games, fashion, home and furniture, food and beverages. The personalization of services and customer service will also play an important role.

2. Content creator for small businesses

To take advantage of exposure on social networks, it is essential to offer valuable information. For this reason, content creators often create trends and views without additional payments, that is, organically. However, many business owners are not willing to create personal content for various personal reasons. So, given the need, content creation services arise, which in 2022 will be a trend.

3. 3D prints

Although 3D printing was born a few decades ago, since 2021 it has been one of the most profitable ventures. Thanks to 3D printing you can make an infinite number of decorative pieces, characters, utility tools, accessories and more. However, keep in mind that a printer costs approximately $300 dollars. With this business idea you can create profitable products and sell them online. To promote your product you must make a social media account, the best one right now being youtube, for growth on youtube you must organically get high quality YouTube subscribers.

4. Create a MicroInfluencers Agency

From the demand for valuable content and exposure of brands on the Internet, the need to hire influencers and micro-influencers for each market niche arises. However, it can be expensive to hire an influencer, especially for small businesses, so micro-influencers may be your best alternative, since their content has a niche with defined characteristics. Imagine creating an agency that brings together these micro-influencers and together with them create spots for restaurants, karaoke bars, gyms, physical stores and more.

5. Home repair services for laptops, cell phones and computers

In our daily activities we use electronic devices, which is why requests for their maintenance, repowering or repair are becoming more and more frequent. Training is required to carry out this activity. However, it is profitable because these services have become very valuable and valued.

6. Custom designed clothing

Garments can reflect the characteristics of a person and make their authenticity known. Therefore, those with personalized designs with phrases, logos, torn, prints and others are increasingly valued. However, this venture requires a little more investment but also a not inconsiderable return on investment.