LUVME Wig Guide to Wet and Wavy Wigs

Do you know that you can have two different textures with wet and wavy wigs?

Are you a lover of bangs and are in search of wigs with bangs?

Are you about to step into the wig world and wonder about beginner friendly wigs? 

This guide will talk all about these and inform you what you need to know about these wigs. 

1. What are Wet and Wavy Wigs? 

They are a special kind of curly wig. When your wig is not wet, you have silky straight hair. And, when you wet your wig, you have curly hair. It means that you can have two different textures by buying only one wig. You can also have different styles by leaving some parts of your hair straight and some parts of your hair curly.

2. How to Change from the Straight Texture to the Curly Texture

You use some spray to wet your wig. You can also soak your wig in water, but using spray would be easier. The point is your wig should be fully wet, not only damp. The next step is to moisturize hair with hair cream while the wig is still wet. It helps you create the ideal look for your wet and wavy wig. Then you should fold hairs using your hands to have the curls. Do this by folding a small portion of hair at a time. In that way, you can give the shape of your curls. Finally, let your wig dry naturally. Ultimately, you will have the appearance of a curly wig.

3. Do Wet and Wavy Wigs Need Special Maintenance?

Looking after wet and wavy wigs are similar to regular wigs. However, keeping curls tight may need some special handling. For that reason, it is better to use wide-tooth comb to detangle hair. Or you can use your fingers for this. Also, you should comb the wig from the ends to the roots. To keep the wig wet, you should use hair spray and moisturizer. It would be also good to use hair oil. These products should be, of course, of high quality.

4. Why Do Women Love Bangs?

Women opt for bangs mainly for beauty. Bangs make you look different, hot and chic. Your face looks thinner. And, your eyes look dazzling. Along with this, bangs are one of the easiest style you can create. It is a guaranteed way of having a chic and different look. Especially when you have to cut the lace and you are not able to do it correctly, bangs can help you to conceal the imperfections along with the hairline. That is why bangs would be the favorite choice for beginners.

5. Different Bangs for Different Faces 

For round faces, bangs slightly above the eyebrows would be good. Thus, bangs will show your forehead larger. 

Oval faces let you have bigger eyes and a small chin. Softened blunt bags would go nice with such faces. They will expose your oval face. 

Our offer for square-shaped faces is long and layered bangs. This makes your face look round and so pleasant. 

Hearth-shaped faces signify a small mouth and visible cheekbones. It is better to expose such a face. Therefore, it is best to leave bangs somewhere between the hairline and the eyebrows.

6. Wigs with Bangs Recommended by Luvme Hair 

Our top suggestion is bob wigs with bangs. The combination of the bob style and bangs creates a truly beautiful hair look. Curly wigs with bangs are another great option for wigs with bangs. Curls together with bangs give you a magnificent hair look. Your other alternatives can be short lace front wigs with bangs, headband wigs with bangs and short-cut wigs with bangs. 

7. Beginner Friendly Wigs Recommended by Luvme Hair

Throw On & Go Wigs 

These wigs are truly for beginners and simply effortless. You do not have to use glue for them. It is not necessary to cut and adjust the lace, either. There are no clips on these wigs. You just put on the wig and style it. It takes 10 seconds at the most.  Wearing them is as simple as that. 

Headband Wigs

In the same way, it is super easy to wear headband wigs. You can wear these wigs in seconds like a hat. It is enough to just put on your wig and secure headbands. It is also easy to care and maintain headband wigs. Also, their colorful headbands are really cool. In short, these wigs offer many advantages to beginners. 

Afro wigs 

LUVME Afro Wigs  a series of products launched by LUVME that pays tribute to African-American hair. Afro wigs preserves the most natural look possible so that you can wear a wig without flaws. If you like African style wigs, then this wig will be perfect for you. What’s more, the wigs in the LUVME Afro Wigs collection are all very easy to wear and suitable for beginners.

T Part Wigs/ U Part Wigs 

These wigs also offer simple and affordable solutions for beginners. They also allow you to blend your natural hair with your wig. In this respect, they are protective, breathable and realistic. 

When it comes to buying these wigs, Luvme Hair offers you the highest quality 100 % virgin human hair wigs at competitive prices. You can buy these wigs by taking advantage of our special offerings, easy payment options, fast shipping and delivery service and strong return policy. At Luvme Hair, you achieve the ultimate hair beauty in the simplest way.