Licensing Triumph: Unveiling iGaming Excellence with Games License Expertise

The iGaming industry is one of the most dynamically developing industries in the modern world. “Online casinos, poker rooms, and other forms of gambling are becoming more and more popular among players around the world. However, before starting a business in this industry, it is necessary to obtain an appropriate license,” the BetB2B company clarifies.

BetB2B experts note that the first and most important step is to study the local laws and regulations in the country where you plan to do business: “Each country has its own rules and gambling requirements. For example, in the UK, gambling is regulated by the Gambling Commission, and a license from this body is a mandatory requirement for all iGaming operators.”

Choosing the right jurisdiction is also important when obtaining a license. For example, Malta is a popular jurisdiction for iGaming operators due to favorable tax rates and progressive gambling regulation. Gibraltar is also popular due to its legal status and stable economy. And in the United States of America, the regulation of the iGaming industry occurs at the level of individual states, and some of them, such as Nevada and New Jersey, are widely recognized as gambling cities.

Applying for a license is the next step. The procedure may vary by jurisdiction. It includes filling out a questionnaire, providing financial reports, as well as checking the founders of the company.

When applying for a license in Malta, it is required to provide a detailed business plan, financial reports and documents confirming experience and reputation in the iGaming industry.

But obtaining a license is only the beginning. Ensuring the safety of players and complying with regulatory requirements are equally important aspects.

“iGaming operators must comply with anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing standards, as well as verify the identity and age of players”, BetB2B specify.

Obtaining a license in the gambling industry is a complex and multi-stage process. However, proper study of local laws, choosing the right jurisdiction, filing the right application and ensuring the safety of the players will allow you to successfully run your business in this industry.

However, a license alone is not enough. In order to launch an effective business in the iGaming industry, a quality and technological platform is required. There are two ways to go about this process. The first one is to develop your own casino and betting platform. But you have to take into account that you will have to compete with huge companies with a lot of experience. And the development process itself requires high costs.

The second option is to buy a ready-made casino and betting platform. One of the most interesting offers on the market of such products is the BetB2B platform.

Bet-b2b betting platform for the successful start of your online casino or betting company

According to industry experts, iGaming will continue to grow rapidly not only in 2023, but also in the years to come.

Preliminary forecasts indicate that the capitalization of the iGaming market by the end of 2027 will exceed $765 billion.

BetB2B experts also predict an increase in demand for ready-made solutions for starting an iGaming business. After all, self-written platforms may soon become uncompetitive: “ is one of the market leaders and offers safe and up-to-date turnkey solutions. Today, each player is able to easily distinguish a quality online casino from a mediocre one, because a quality platform has innovative software and intuitive clear interface.The more technological innovations are introduced, the more advanced the betting platform. In general, with the help of our solutions and ready-made platforms, we not only move the gambling industry forward, but also contribute to the development of the economy. We have a sufficient level of expertise, everything necessary tools, forces and experience for continuous improvement of IT products”.

The company has been developing effective software products for betting resources and online casinos for more than 12 years, using innovative technologies and approaches. Created products are offered in different formats:

  1. Turnkey Solution BetB2B provides a comprehensive set of solutions, including a wide range of content for online casinos and betting. These solutions are combined in one platform, which allows users to get everything they need in one place. Thus, the company offers a convenient and reliable way to launch an online casino or betting company and provides a wide range of content to meet the needs of users.
  2. Sportsbook API BetB2B is a solution that allows your players to bet on more than 182 sports. This API provides easy staking integration into any website. Thanks to this, users get the opportunity to quickly and easily access a variety of sports content and place bets on pre-match and live betting or in-play in real time. The Sportsbook API provides a robust and user-friendly solution for those looking to expand their sports betting business.
  3. Retail Solution BetB2B are the complex solutions specially designed for betting shops, which provide a convenient and reliable way to manage the betting shop and make bets in real time.

BetB2B is your reliable partner in the gambling industry

Today, BetB2B is considered one of the leaders in the development of software for gambling and betting. Through its innovative solutions, it actively introduces new technologies and promotes the development of the industry.

The company representative assures that this was made possible thanks to the desire for excellence and the desire to offer high-quality products that meet all the requirements of clients and the market: “Unique technologies, a modern approach and experienced programmers are the main components of a successful iGaming  business. The BetB2B team cares about its clients and visitors to their sites, and therefore creates exceptionally safe software. Employees of the company follow the trends in the information technology market and in the field of gambling and betting, so they are always aware of all the new products. Through attention, creativity and technological innovation, specialists create the best turnkey solutions and products for gambling and betting.”

The company has over 300 employees dedicated to developing cutting-edge products to build leading online gambling establishments. Thanks to BetB2B, more than 100 clients have been able to take a leading position in the iGaming  industry.

The platform provides the client with access to more than 6000 casino games, 7000+ broadcasts, more than 16,000 live events and 182+ sports for betting.

BetB2b platform has a simple and intuitive interface that provides convenience and comfort for players. The variety of games and bet types, as well as support for many languages ​​and currencies, makes the website attractive to a wide audience. The company also ensures a high level of data security and confidentiality. Thanks to this, cooperation with BetB2B allows clients to receive advanced technologies, reliable support and develop together.