Let’s talk with Traders Union experts about are binary signals worth it?

There are many ways to profit from trading, but it is not always possible to take advantage of them. Let’s look at how binary options trading signals can help you trade profitably when guided by them.

The essence and purpose of binary signals

These indicators in the binary options market have the same function as in the stock and currency markets. They help to find the right moments to enter and exit the market. They are a kind of hints and guides a trader, help to build his own strategy, design a robotic way of trading.

How do binary options trading signals work? A set of indicators for binary options is based on technical analysis of asset prices. To form a system, it is worth using several indicators. When their indicators match, it is a confirmation signal to open or close a trade. It is worth mentioning that technical indicators do not guarantee accurate determination of the moment of entering and exiting a trade. It is necessary to trade using them thoughtfully, analyzing every indicator. No such tools exist in the financial markets, which would be 100% accurate, reliable and provide stable profitability. So, the answer to the question are binary signals worth it is very simple. Yes

Cues can be erroneous, related not to trend movements, but to market “noise”. This is due to the dependence of price movements of any asset on a large number of factors that are significant for the generation of signals and are constantly changing their value. At the same time, the degree of their significance may change during the trading session in the online mode.

Finding the signals yourself

You can find signals on your own. For this purpose, it is better to subscribe to a news aggregator. Brokerage companies specialising in binary options or stock market trading provide trading platforms, which include a news section. To attract traders, brokerage companies distribute free information, based on technical analysis, on their websites and pages in social networks. There are also trading websites and blogs, where professional traders share their proprietary knowledge through free torrent downloads. Personal experience with the results of trading will also help you in your future work.

Best free binary signals

Accurate trading signals for binary options are chosen based on their underlying assets.


In this case, it is better to be guided by the readings of the technical analysis indicators. Their confirmation should take place on longer trading periods. That is, the signal that it is worth opening a buy trade on the fifteen-minute timeframes should be confirmed on the hourly timeframe. In addition, the publication of financial statements is important for the shares of certain issuers.


In this case it is recommended to observe the correlation of news indicators and technical analysis indicators.


Commodities are the most influenced by the news, so in this case news trading signals are useful. For example, in the case of oil, it is best to follow the weekly reports, which cover stocks.

Currency pairs

Maximum price movements and trends are linked to the news.

To be able to make good money based on signals for binary options, it is worth developing your own, which are based on selected indicators. You need to test them in practice and profit by providing them for a fee. Alternatively, if they are highly accurate, apply them to your trading strategy.

Free trading signals can help a trader, but they are no substitute for knowledge and practical skills. You should therefore not rely on them alone, as they are never 100% accurate in any market.