Learn Office Tutorials From WPS Academy

If you’re new to WPS office, you may be unsure how to get started. The wps office academy provides free online training on using this popular suite of programs.

This program is free and self-paced, allowing you to learn at your own pace. The courses cover all the fundamentals as well as more advanced topics.

How to use WPS Office

WPS office is a free office suite that provides numerous features and tools for users. It supports numerous file formats and is considered a lightweight alternative to Microsoft Office.

This suite includes word processor, spreadsheet and presentation applications suitable for both professionals and educators alike. Its intuitive user-interface makes it simple for new users to get started quickly.

WPS also features “Roaming,” which allows users to open files in WPS from other devices. This can be especially advantageous during collaborations where multiple people need to work on a document or presentation simultaneously.

To enable roaming, you’ll need a computer with the latest version of WPS Office and an active WPS Cloud account. After opening a file in WPS from another device, it should automatically appear in your Roaming folder.

How to create a document in WPS Office

WPS Office is a free application that lets you create documents, spreadsheets, presentations and PDF files with Android phones or laptops.

It is compatible with doc, docx, ppt, xlsx and pdf document formats – making it a great alternative to Microsoft Office for Android users.

Furthermore, it is a cross-platform application compatible with Windows, Linux and Android platforms. It offers features like document scanning, multilingual interface, templates gallery, file recovery/repairing capabilities as well as automated backups – to name just a few!

How to create a spreadsheet in WPS Office

WPS Office’s spreadsheet application is an impressively capable tool, designed to assist users with complex data analysis and numerical calculation. It boasts hundreds of pre-built formulas and functions that are accessible at any time. Furthermore, WPS Office provides charts, graphs, and illustrations so you can better comprehend your information.

It also features wireless printing, file encryption, a PDF converter and tracking for changes within documents. Plus, you can even use it as a virtual pen for on-screen drawing!

WPS Office is free and compatible with files from many other office software packages. However, it may lack some of the more advanced capabilities offered by Microsoft Office.

How to create a presentation in WPS Office

WPS Office boasts several powerful features to help you craft captivating presentations. For instance, it offers various presentation layouts tailored for different needs.

Text formatting options in PowerPoint include font styles, colors and columns. Furthermore, users can insert images, videos, audio files and Flash files into their presentations for enhanced presentation effectiveness.

WPS Office’s Record Presentation feature is an outstanding advantage, enabling you to record your slide show and share it with the audience during webinars or online events.

WPS Office boasts a host of other features designed to make your work simpler and more efficient. These include document collaboration tools, automatic spell check, support for common file types, and more.


WPS Academy offers a comprehensive library of office tutorials to its users, covering topics such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDFs and more.

Writer is one of the most popular programs within LibreOffice, available across various platforms such as Linux, FreeBSD, macOS and Microsoft Windows.

The writer is an extremely versatile program, capable of crafting essays, articles, journals and novels. Additionally, it features powerful yet efficient editing features.

Writing well requires an advanced knowledge of grammar and punctuation. Furthermore, they must be able to organize their thoughts and ideas into a logical sequence.

As a writer, you must be able to convey the importance of your work to readers through your writing style and by including relevant accomplishments and accolades in your author bio. However, be careful not to sound like you’re boasting or fabricating credentials.


A spreadsheet is composed of cells that can be utilized to store, organize and calculate data. This information may consist of text, numbers or formulae.

Home budgeting and accounting with this software is a breeze, as it makes information display simple. Plus, some features allow automated calculations based on preset formulas or functions that you control.

Once you type a formula into a cell and hit enter, it will vanish and be replaced by the result of your calculation. To edit this formula, double-click on the cell to view it in full view or use the Formula bar above to make necessary changes.


Graphs are an invaluable tool for data analysis. Excel offers a vast array of graph types and formats you can use to visually display your information.

Microsoft Excel makes graph creation a snap, with numerous graph types available such as bar charts, column graphs, line graphs, pie graphs, area charts, bubble charts, stock graphs, surface graphs and radar graphs. No programming skills or experience necessary – simply open your document and begin graphing!

Once your data has been entered, you can choose to add labels for each series of data. These labels will appear along the horizontal axis starting with row two of your graph.

Excel allows you to select a template for your graph. Doing so can save you time when creating new graphs in the future.

Presentation suit

When giving lectures at your university or giving a presentation in professional settings, the right outfit makes all the difference. Successful presenters understand that their clothing choices are just as important as what they say.

Dressing to impress can give you confidence, enhance your audience’s perception of you and, when done correctly, help ensure a successful presentation. A well-tailored suit in particular is an ideal option.

In addition to your suit, it’s also wise to wear a pair of high-quality shoes. Black or brown boots add an air of sophistication while helping you look and feel confident on stage. Alternatively, designer sneakers could be chosen for extra visual impact. When selecting footwear for presentations, ensure they’re comfortable enough for throughout the duration. To find the best pair that fits best, shop around for various options before selecting one that works best