Learn Mau binh Techniques to Win Big for Player Bets

Mau binh card technique is one of the basic strategies, aiming to increase the chance of winning up to 70% while playing. Understanding this style of play can help you increase your odds of winning big when select on Mau binh. So bookies Hi 88 I want to synthesize experiences and tips on how to play cards effectively from experienced players. Don’t miss the opportunity to hone your understanding of these skills to apply when participating in gaming.

Learn a bit about Mau binh card playing techniques?

Mau binh card technique is a playing strategy used by many players in games with the purpose of increasing the likelihood of winning in each bet at the house. Hi88. When bettors apply this trick, it simply means tracking bets and observing developments in previous bets, then calculating and analyzing to minimize the risk of losing to the lowest level.

Usually there will be many different farming methods that you need to grasp. Then use them appropriately for situations that may arise in the game. If you are a loyal follower of this online sport, don’t hesitate to take some time to learn more about the ways to play that we will introduce below.

Mau binh card select techniques that every bettor needs to understand

Currently at Hi88 There will be different rules for playing cards when playing Mau binh. Based on this experience, many players have won for themselves. Here are a few cases where this technique is applied:

Bets that repeat consecutive winning results

When it comes to each bet, you need to carefully study all related issues. Based on the results, the player will choose Banker and Player will take turns winning. Usually they will repeat in a specific cycle or not. Therefore, you need to remember and analyze the explosion rate of each different door.

The most recent history of the bet wins 2 times in a row in 3 rounds

According to many people, Mau binh card playing techniques will not be the same, each style will have a special sign. That is, in the above case, they are repeated consecutively, which will be:

Therefore, based on this rule, we will see that the winning door has high stability through 3 loops. When playing, please pay attention and base your bets on this rule to be most accurate.

One-stop Mau binh card select technique is to play 3 times in a row

In fact, in Mau binh games, there have been many times when a bet has fallen into a situation of exploding three times in a row. Some people have played the Banker bet and the Player bet has exploded 3 times in a row. This is not a case of luck.

Because as mentioned above they will follow a certain rule. Therefore, you can bet 3 times on Banker’s hand and then switch to Player. This is an extremely good opportunity to help players easily increase their income quickly.

Don’t double bets when it’s not necessary

Doubling down is a good Mau binh card technique, but it can also be a double-edged sword when select. Everyone who bets knows about this method and it is applied quite regularly.

This means you will have to invest x2 more capital than the previous game and play until you win the bet. But before deciding to bet, you should research, calculate and consider more carefully to minimize risks.

Some notes for bettors when playing Mau binh most effectively

If you want to use card playing techniques, you also need to have basic knowledge and necessary notes to help apply effectively without making mistakes.
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  • Use many strategies at the same time in a game to increase your chances of winning, so being flexible with many playing styles is very important. Although it seems a bit difficult, it is something that veteran players often use.
  • Have a comfortable mentality when select without worrying about winning or losing. This will help you be most confident and make accurate judgments when playing.
  • You must always be patient, you should not be hasty while watching because it can cause inhibition and create wrong actions.

Frequently asked questions when players use Mau binh card select techniques

Below are questions from playersHi88 Most detailed answer:

How can I know how to calculate points in the game Mau binh?

In Mau binh, card numbers from 2 to 9 have values ​​corresponding to the numbers on the cards. Cards 10, J, Q, K count as 0 points, and A cards count as 1 point. The score of a deck of cards is also calculated according to the total number of points of the cards in hand, not according to the tens digit of the total points. For example, if the total score is 15, then the actual score calculated when playing will be 5.

Should you use card counting strategy when playing Mau binh?

If you plan to use the card counting strategy in your game, we advise you not to. Because this is difficult and takes a lot of time, it is not very effective.


Some Mau binh card playing techniques have been learned Hi88 Summarize and introduce to readers through the above article. Hopefully with the information shared, you will apply it successfully and win when playing.