Knowledge about Bezoge Earth

Lots going on.

The developers want to release the game’s beta in Q2 of this year, but considerable work remains.

Where to begin?


It has two web pages. and talks out the Bezoge Earth tokenomics ($BEZOGE) and

Bezogi NFTs, while also presenting a detailed path for Bezoge aficionados. Initially, it had 100 quadrillion supply. Over 57 percent of the stock has been permanently destroyed. This leaves 43% in circulation, with 6% in dev and Treasury wallets. Uniswap, 1 Inch, Hotbit, MEXC, BKEX, and LBank exchanges accept tokens.

Legends of Bezogia’s official website is You may sign up to be an alpha tester, learn about the Bezogi breeds, and stay up with gaming news and trends.

Do you want to become a Bezoge? Fans of the project and the Bezoge community gather on the Bezoge Discord server. Stay for the community and pleasure visit

Making of Legends

Bezoge is in a hurry. They have fifteen developers now and are adding two every week. One of the greatest GameFi games out there, The Legends of Bezogia!

Here’s what said:

“The Legends of Bezogia allows players to entirely decide their character’s fate in a fun-to-play game. A delightfully enjoyable game where players may play for pleasure, money, or both.”

Players may pick from eight Bezogi breeds, each with its own domain. And OpenSea has all Bezogi NFTs. Each Bezogi has a distinct hue and comes from one of the following breeds:

Zerkzogi – Attack is represented by red. They are well-dressed, well-styled gentlezogi, but when the blood runs, they slip from honour to pandemonium. In battle, they kill, kill, murder, often merely to satisfy their insatiable need for blood check this.

Yellow indicates speed in Speedzogi. With their trademark yellow trail of sparks, Speedzogi are the only breed on Bezogia that can breach the sound barrier at top speed.

In this case, the blue characteristic is a shield. The Shieldzogi are well-mannered and articulate. Polishing their armour and swords is a common sight. When danger threatens, everyone looks to the famed Shieldzogi for protection.

Holyzogi – White denotes healing. The White Holyzogi are a healer breed of Bezogi who can miraculously cure other Bezogi by chanting a holy 12-word seed phrase. The only mythical heroes who know the whole recovery phrase are White Bezogi who wear their miraculous Recovery Seed Amulet.

The green symbolises HP. The Green Freezogi occupy a frigid and dangerous region in the extreme northern reaches of Bezogia. They like the thrill of the kill and the toxic vapours trapped inside the permafrost blocks. The blocks produce a powerful gas that, when breathed, puts the Freezogi into a crazy state of hyperactivity, strength, and hellish stamina.

Token of Fudzogi (orange). In addition to swindling their victims out of their hard-earned cash, the Orange Fudzogi often lure them into horrible traps devised by their cruel spin doctors. The Fudzogi flourish in the abyss, joyfully rolling in their foes’ misery.

In the black attribute, Bezogi summoning skills are increased. This is a story of darknessā€“insatiable block burning and terrible sorcery in Bezogia. read more The Darkzogi harness their strength by cruelly burning blocks, sucking out their life essence and repurposing it to call Bezogi. This gives them their black appearance and strength, but at a cost.

It signifies increased minting skills. The Mintzogi rule Bezogia with tremendous respect and strength. They determine who wins and who loses. Armies of Bezogia employ their weaponry to destroy enemies.

Ready to go?

A magical world awaits.

Currently, the firm has a few thousand alpha testers enrolled.

They aim targeting 30K beta and 100,000 worldwide participants this year.

Get in on this awesome game and win tonnes of $BEZOGE. Bezogia is going to go crazy.