Jan Oblak – winner of the 2016/2017 Samora Trophy

Jan Oblak is one of the best goalkeepers in the world in the 2010s. The stellar years of his career were spent with “Atlético Madrid”, where he won a lot of trophies. By the way, STBet covers all the matches of the club. This allows you to follow the confrontations in a convenient format and make profitable bets.

Oblak won not only team awards with “Atlético”, but also individual prizes. For example, he became the best goalkeeper in La Liga in the 2016/2017 season. In that campaign, the keeper played 30 games in the championship. He kept his goal intact in 15 of them. This contributed to the winning of the individual prize. 

Despite Oblak’s great play, “Atlético” failed to win the championship. The team lost to “Real Madrid” and “Barcelona”. By the way, STBet also covers the confrontation between these teams.

Although the team failed to triumph in La Liga, Oblak had a really great season. He regularly helped “Atlético” out, even in situations when it looked as if the ball was about to fly into the goal.

Jan has long been a model of reliability and confident play. In addition, he interacted well with the defenders of the Spanish team. For example, with Juanfran, Diego Godin, Jose Jimenez and others. This allowed the team to have fewer chances at the goal.

The main strong qualities of the goalkeeper

By the 2016/2017 season, Oblak had already played a couple of years in La Liga. He knew all the peculiarities of this championship. Thanks to this, the goalkeeper understood when to add and what exactly should be expected from a particular opponent. And fans can STBet app download and not only follow the matches of the Spanish championship, but also place bets on them in a convenient format. 

So, if we highlight the main strong qualities of this goalkeeper, it is impossible to pass by:

  1. Amazing reaction. He could save the gates of his team even in a hopeless situation. Thanks to this, the fans always knew that they could count on this goalkeeper.
  2. His ability to choose the optimal position and reduce the angle of fire on his own goal. This was especially important during the opponents’ quick attacks, when the forwards went one-on-one with the goalkeeper.
  3. Excellent outlet game. The Slovenian keeper often intercepted crosses heading into his own penalty area. He was effective on both standard and positional attacks.

All of this had a positive impact on the team’s results. Oblak’s reliable play gave confidence to his partners at “Atlético”. By the way, you can download app of the company STBet and make predictions on all the current confrontations of this team with its help. The schedule of matches is tight, which allows you to regularly demonstrate your knowledge and make a profit. You won’t have any problems with withdrawal.