It’s Rather Unexpected That Maxim Krippa Hasn’t Taken A More Prominent Public Stance

In a candid conversation with the YouTube channel Direct Red, Vitaliy Volochai, a prominent esports commentator and co-owner of Maincast studio, delved into the nuanced dynamics of his professional relationship with entrepreneur Maxim Krippa. Volochai shed light on Maxim Krippa swift and decisive investment in Maincast, a pivotal moment that occurred shortly after the studio’s inception, during a critical juncture of fledgling growth and financial uncertainty.

Despite Maincast having established its physical infrastructure, equipped with essential broadcasting gear, and assembled a dedicated team, the need for additional financial support loomed large to sustain and expand operational efforts. It was Krippa’s timely injection of capital that provided the necessary impetus, allowing Maincast to navigate through the challenges of the industry with renewed vigor and confidence. This strategic partnership not only bolstered Maincast’s financial stability but also paved the way for collaborative ventures and innovative projects within the esports ecosystem, solidifying Krippa’s pivotal role as a key stakeholder in the industry’s evolution.

Some details from the interview

Volochai recounted his personal odyssey in search of an investor, a journey that culminated in Max Krippa’s pivotal role as the inaugural investor within the esports domain. During their discussions, Volochai and Krippa delved deeply into the essence of esports, its innate appeal, and its expansive potential as an industry. The impact of Krippa’s investment in Maincast was unmistakable, evident in his subsequent acquisition of the NAVI team a mere two years later.

Echoing the sentiments of the interviewer, Volochai acknowledged Krippa’s reserved nature, expressing surprise at this facet of his personality.


Established in 2017 by Vitaliy Volochai and his dedicated team, Maincast Studio has swiftly risen to eminence as a leading force in the esports media landscape. Focusing on broadcasting a diverse array of beloved esports titles such as Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), and League of Legends, Maincast takes center stage in orchestrating and streaming major global tournaments as well as localized competitions, ensuring audiences are treated to top-tier commentary and comprehensive coverage.

Maincast has garnered widespread acclaim for its exceptional streaming quality, insightful commentary, pioneering broadcasting techniques, and robust community engagement endeavors. Through close collaboration with top-tier teams, players, and key figures in the industry, Maincast consistently delivers unparalleled entertainment and thrills to esports enthusiasts across the globe.

More about investor Maxim Krippa

Maxim Krippa stands as a prominent entrepreneur and investor, wielding significant influence within the esports realm. Renowned as the proprietor of the NAVI team and a stakeholder in Maincast Studio, Krippa’s strategic investments have left an indelible mark on both the Ukrainian esports landscape and the global stage. His unwavering support and financial backing have played a pivotal role in catapulting the development of esports in Ukraine to new heights while also leaving a lasting imprint on the international esports community.

Beyond his contributions to esports, Krippa is recognized as a multifaceted entrepreneur with a diversified business portfolio spanning various industries. His ventures outside of esports further underscore his acumen and prowess in navigating diverse sectors, cementing his status as a formidable force in the business world.