Is Safari Blue in Zanzibar on your list of resolutions for 2023? Here’s why it should be!

The beginning of the year is the time when everybody is making wishes, setting resolutions, and trying to find the best way of having a better year than the previous one. The start of 2023 is no exception and, like many others, you should use your imagination to create the most exciting list of resolutions for the coming year.

One of the best experiences you can start preparing for 2023 involves visiting an exotic place, that will make you fall in love with its gorgeous landscapes instantly. And if you are looking for such a place, there is no better choice than Zanzibar, the “blue Paradise” situated in Tanzania, on the west shore of the Indian Ocean.

When you arrive in Zanzibar, you discover one of the most welcoming places on Earth, with friendly people and breathtaking landscapes. In order to fully take advantage of all the wonders this archipelago has to offer, you need to organize some extra trips. For example, Safari Blue Zanzibar is a trip that literally everybody enjoys.

There are many reasons why Safari Blue is the most popular trip, that everyone goes on when they arrive in Zanzibar. Initially, this tour was done by an Italian tourist who realized that she had discovered an amazing route that takes you through some unbelievable places, everything in just one day! This is how Safari Blue in Zanzibar was discovered and, you have to believe it, it is a worthwhile experience!

The Safari adventure begins quite early, at the break of the dawn. Your tour guides will take you to Fumba, a fishing village located on the South Western shores of Zanzibar. Here you can watch the sunrise from the Ocean. Then you get on one of the traditional boats (called Dhow), do snorkeling if you want, and, if you are lucky, you may even get the chance of swimming with dolphins.

This magical day continues by exploring the Menai Bay Conservation, the largest marine protected area in Zanzibar. Here you have the unique opportunity of meeting two endemic species of dolphins: the Indo-Pacific humpback and the Bottlenose.

While you enjoy your Safari Blue in Zanzibar experience, you have the chance to take a break and have some of the best meals of your life. For example, on Kwale island, you will enjoy plenty of delicacies, such as fish, slipper lobster, calamari, rice, and sauces, all served hot from the grill. Anytime you feel like taking a bite during the day, you can have as many tropical fruits, ice-cold sodas, bottles of mineral water, beers, and coffees as you want.

The trip even ends with a rich meal that you will enjoy. Do not forget to also try the Amarula liqueur, a local beverage, made of Marula, a delicious fruit that can be found in sub-Equatorial Africa. This way, your Safari Blue in Zanzibar experience will be perfect!

 Thus, do not miss the opportunity of a lifetime! Make taking the Safari Blue in Zanzibar one of your priorities on your 2023 resolution list and you will never regret it!