Is online Game legal in India?

Are you a beginner in online gambling and want to try your hands at online roulette? If yes, your concern regarding legal gambling in India is pretty understandable. 

In this article, we’ll briefly talk about online roulette India and the scene of legal gambling in India. 

What is Online Roulette?

If you’re a roulette fan, you must know that online roulette is nothing but an internet version of the ‘spin the wheel’ game. It’s both easy and fun to play. Moreover, you earn money on every win! For regular and enjoyable winnings you should try Bons India real money game casino right now!

Live Roulette is also a fun variant of the game. Here, you’ll be able to experience both real-time and online gambling in one game. It allows the users to play with a live dealer, real people, and a live table. Moreover, it’s streamed live on the site. So, you can watch the dealer spin the wheel and players place their bets. Recently, it has been gaining a lot of popularity in India. 

Many Indian online casinos offer several variants of roulette on their website. So, more people can enjoy it. However, it’s essential to make sure the site you choose is safe to play on and allows legal gambling. 

Gambling Laws in India

Now that we know a little about online roulette, let’s discuss the gambling laws of our country. 

As such, there are no particular laws legalizing online gambling in India. But we also don’t have any laws completely prohibiting gambling. It depends on the state government to set its rules and regulations for online gambling. However, most states usually allow the use of gambling sites when regulated by a legal authority.

However, if you’re from Assam, Odisha, Telangana, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, or Karnataka, you need to be careful about online gambling. If there’s a risk of money loss involved, these states do not allow either the games of skill or games of chance. 

Best Legal Casinos in India for Online Roulette

The good thing is that you can still enjoy your favorite online roulette games and many more while playing at legalized online casinos. 

Here is a list of our top picks where you can enjoy safe and legal gambling!

  • Betway

Betway is one of the most trusted online casinos for Indian players. It offers a wide variety of games, including online and live roulette. The site also allows easy deposits through UPI, Netbanking, etc.

  • Pure Win

Pure Win offers complete user satisfaction- from various payment options to easy and fast withdrawals. Moreover, it has a simple and easy-to-use interface, making the site ideal for beginners.

  • Casumo Casino

This casino has over 2000 fun games, including online roulette. Moreover, they allow withdrawals within 72 hours.

  • Fun88 Casino

At Fun88 Casino, you can enjoy an excellent welcome bonus. They also have daily promotions for their players. Moreover, their customer service is fast and satisfactory.


Online Roulette India can be fun and profitable when played legally and safely. So, before you deposit at any casino, do proper research about the site and its regulating authority. This way, you will be able to minimize the risk of losing your money.