IPTV, the best gift that you can give to a cord cutter 

Looking for the ideal gift for a buddy who has already cut the cord, or a present to get someone started as a cord-cutter? To prevent any disappointments, take a look at our finest cord-cutting gift ideas.

Cutting the cable allows you to save money while also expanding your entertainment alternatives. Cord-cutting is canceling a costly cable service and replacing it with free or low-cost alternatives to your favorite shows and movies. This might be as basic as a Netflix membership on your current Smart TV or as complex as a multimedia center with live TV and on content library.


LG OLED TVs are recognized for their incredible picture quality. The OLED display is not inexpensive, but it provides excellent black depths, color accuracy, and viewing angles. Because to its super-slim panel, this TV is ideal for wall installation. The built-in Google Assistant on this 4K TV allows you to operate your TV using just your voice.

The brand LG is able to deliver clean pictures from any sources by upgrading to 4K resolution thanks to its strong processing unit. It can also produce HDR images and is Dolby certified, giving you the ultimate home cinema experience. You can find LCD TVs for less money that have a somewhat brighter image. Nothing, however, compares to the picture quality of LG’s OLED displays.

IPTV services restream Television stations to customers for a fraction of the price of cable. Although the legality is dubious at best, you do receive access to tens of thousands of stations from across the globe, as well as on-demand entertainment such as movies and TV episodes.

There are hundreds of Internet Protocol Television providers to choose from. Some of them provide a well-regarded and reliable streaming platform, while others are best avoided at all costs. Smooth HD feeds that are surprisingly dependable 99 percent of the time are what you can anticipate from some of the greatest IPTV resellers. Although there is occasional buffering or micro-stuttering, the overall experience is quite comparable to that of a much more costly cable subscription.

  • NAS Diskstation Synology

Cord-cutting entails much more than just an Amazon Video or Netflix membership. Enthusiasts like to construct their own libraries so that they may access everything they want and are not restricted to the catalog of their stream provider. This programming is often stored on a DVR or accessed online. Some people may rip their Box set to make it simpler to access.

It suffices to say that as your library grows, you will demand more disk space. External hard drives may assist, but you’ll need a standalone solution that allows you to access your data and entertainment collection from any system without having to boot up your computer and has the capacity to store hundreds of movies.

  • VIZIO Sound Bar with 2.1 Channels

What good is having the newest and best 4K television and unlimited access to movies and TV programs if the sound on your TV sound like it’s coming from your phone? And believe me when I say that there’s no such thing as a big screen Tv with outstanding sound. So, what’s the answer? You could certainly invest in a surround sound system or re-decorate your lounge room with six to eight unsightly boxes. Alternatively, a fashionable single sound bar capable of producing a very comparable sound experience may be used.

There are several sound bars available on the market. The VIZIO 38-inch 2-channel sound bar with wireless subwoofer is the one we chose for this list. A sound bar with such a separate subwoofer is usually recommended to ensure you “feel” the music as well as hearing it. While there are probably more powerful subwoofers available, this will aid in the transformation of action films into a thrilling experience.

  • Nighthawk X10 

A Wifi router may not seem like an obvious present, but it is one that every cord-cutter would enjoy. Especially if it’s a Nighthawk X10 WiFi Router. This router is the finest money can buy and is at the top of its class.

So, how does the Nighthawk X10 differ from the standard Wifi router that your ISP placed in your home? It boasts a quad-core CPU, for starters. This enables it to execute apps that would normally need a second PC on the router itself. For instance, you may use the X10 to run Plex Media Server, which allows you to access your media collection from a NAS or an external drive from any machine, on both the network and off.

Final words

As you can see, you will have numerous options to consider when you are trying to buy a gift to a cord cutter. Take a look at these different options and pick the best gift out of them. Then you will be able to impress the person and make someone feel happy about the decision to get hold of a new IPTV subscription