Introduction of Red88

Nowadays, there are more and more online betting platform in the global market. In Asia, we have seen many famous name come and gone, however, Red88 is an exception due to its short operational time but high reputation and commentation from its clients.

Profile of Red88 bookie was created in 2016 in Northern Asia. When entered Vietnam, this bookie has immediately attracted a number of 10 thousand new players in just one month.

The mother corporation of Red88 is M.A.N Entertainment, which is one of the most famous digital entertainment entity in China. The branches of M.A.N have been operated in more than 10 nations worldwide.

Moreover, Red88 was legalized by GEOTRUST and Isle of Man & Cagayan Economic Zone and Free Port. This is the first reason why Red88 was preferred by all kind of players.

Advantages of Red88

 With almost a period of consistent market business, Red88 also has outpaced other well-known firms in maintaining its pioneer position while also keeping up with the trends. In the middle of other developing companies, the bookie is always happy to provide players exceptional benefits such as:

Transparency and equity

All transactions involving customer accounts and fiscal statements on Red88 are overseen by the authorities of the local populations as well as the global financial company. As a result, this bookmaker has consistently maintained its place and prestige in the thoughts of consumers over time. It’s also for this reason the participation rate is expanding and does not appear to be slowing down.

A diverse choice of games and high-quality services

Re88 always receives a cooperation handshake from major game publishers throughout the world because to its industry leadership. In the meantime time, the bookmaker is continually improving the infrastructure and employee quality. As a result, the betting items in this warehouse are indeed variety and of great quality.

Sbobet, AsiaBet, B8, CMD, JiLiang… are among of Red88’s well-known long-term partners. They are all major participants in the gambling value sector. As a result, we can have faith in the certification of Red88’s gaming shop.

Professional customer service representatives

Unlike other bookmakers, Red88 seems to have a lengthy history of expansion yet maintains a strong presence and a significant number of subscribers due to its attentive customer service.

All Red88 staff have received extensive training in abilities, expertise, and rapid reaction. Multi-channel communication system through phone, email, chat box, whatsapp, zalo, and facebook to easily contact the bookmaker 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including weekends. All in order to attain the fastest complaint processing and customer assistance in the industry.

The promotional programs

Red88 always dazzles with large sums of money in advertising campaigns and promotions. The significant financial potential that has contributed to the development of several incentive schemes for athletes is quite reasonable. Building customer promotions is always the main priority of Red88 house. Among the most recent highlights are the following:

  • For the initial deposit, there is a 100% bonus on top-up card value.
  • Cashback program of up to 1.2%.
  • Red88 offers a 3% bonus on lotteries.


There are more kind of promotional bonuses waiting for you in the platform. If you want to know more, please enter our main website and enjoy.