Interview with Ivan Sukhamera: Our primary goal is to end conflict.

Ivan Sukhamera was first cited in 2014. It was an unusual and wonderful story about a couple who dropped out of college in their twenties and made a six-figure fortune from a web-based entertainment business. He had temporary positions in China and in Dubai planning startups, improving their advertising plans and working in large organizations. However, time has made its changes, or rather changes. Desires for rapid success and achievement are dimmed from the spotlight, and currently the House is dealing with possibly the most important and necessary region in 2022, which is the security of Europe.

Disclosure: It has been 5 years since your last major media interview. During this time, you have also changed your home location, work vector and socio-political setting. You have new insights and new abilities. Still, priorities straight. You are currently based in Lithuania, before that you lived in Poland, where you taught at SWPS, worked with the Prophet and currently work with the OSCE. is everything ok

Ivan Sukhamera: Believe it or not, the opportunities presented during that time have changed many people, including me.

I used to try to avoid government issues, but it’s hard to avoid during conflicts or perceived “extraordinary activity”. What happens affects everyone.

Publication: How have these political changes affected you? Did it help that you left before the conflict?

House: The controversy started in 2014. I moved to Poland in 2015. These are idiosyncratic changes to be more precise.

Publication: We understand that you plan and prepare for major life changes. We’ll get back to the topic of controversy, I’d like to know about your “clean” phase. Earlier you said that books and interesting people are more helpful than Belarusian instructions. What made you choose to pursue an identity at Warsaw SWPS?

Evan Sukhmera: Some things are hard to design and get ready when things go wrong. Everything is highly questionable. You used to be either red or white. Currently there are many shades for this due to the web. Decentralization takes place. Yet, we must not debate the controversy.

Regarding Poland, a wonderful nation helps everyone. I am an ethnic clan from my grandfather’s side of the family. Poland was prepared for the outcast, the data was confirmed at least a few times. He gathered the entire nation.

Why did I study at SWPS? Quality and cost of training are the main criteria. A year ago, I was offered to study at HULT, which is somewhere in London. Be that as it may, it was expensive. The graduate degree covers virtual working frameworks and organization security. Currently, I cannot comment on Belarusian schooling. When I focused on the open plan at VSTU, everything was confusing. Still, you care about it.

Article: Do you want to learn more? How important is it when everything is changing so fast?

Evan: I’m not about to enter college for the third time, I still have a lot of work to do. In any case, it’s never out of a good time to learn. Lately I have been accepted to study at HULT, a UK business college. I’m actually thinking.

The Post: What made you choose to go into the security field and does schooling here really help?

Ivan: It does. Everyone has their own assignments. Our primary goal is to eliminate conflict.

Publication: How does ongoing work relate to this goal? From May 2022, you have added OSCE to your resume. Tell us how you got into this organization and what you do.

Ivan: It connects directly and not in a roundabout way, as far as I can tell. We are checking what is happening in all the nations of Europe. I mean the European Association is not yet Europe. It is not an organization, yet an association (smiles). I started as an activist, it was fascinating, now it’s more annoying. There are many events and provocations. It’s overall annoying. For a long time there was a Congress of Parliamentarians in Lodz, Poland. There is a ton of data on the web, google it if you are interested.

Publishing: What’s the hardest part? Is it scale, responsibility, or actual cycles?

Ivan: The trouble is, there are a ton of provocations. There is a conflict so you can usually suspect someone. I looked again, there are so many shades now, just no “rights” and “wrongs”. Everyone has their own story. We are for security and harmony in Europe.

Publication: At this point, how is it possible to find a balance and some kind of objectivity?

Ivan: I talk to different people. I pay attention to their accounts. Everyone is unique, and face