Instructions to play the White Snake game at Online Platform

For those who have participated in betting at many different playgrounds on the market, they must know the name KEOBET88. This bookmaker is loved by many players because of its extremely high winning rate. Especially, when coming to KEOBET88 casino, you can’t miss the once-crazy super slot game – White snake slot game. Let’s explore more details about this game in the following article!

What is the White snake Slot game at the KEOBET88 casino?

KEOBET88 has long been famous for its diverse, attractive, and constantly updated betting game system. White snake slot game is one of the explosive jar games that make the name of this playground.

White snake slot game was officially launched at KEOBET88 in early 2021. It is the careful investment from images to content, this game has made the market wobble in just 1 week of launch. 

This is a game inspired by the legend of the same name, the game’s graphics are modernly upgraded to bring true emotions to players. Familiar characters such as Green Snake, White Snake, Phap Hai, Hua Tien … all appear in this slot game.

Evaluate the interface of White snake Slot game

With abundant investment capital from the UK’s leading betting group, KEOBET88 is truly the trust address that the bettors are looking for. Therefore, the interface and images here are also extremely invested.

First, when you click on the homepage of KEOBET88, you will immediately see a beautifully designed website. KEOBET88 impress players with the dominant orange color on the black background. Each section of the website is neatly arranged, suitable and user-friendly. Even if you are just playing at KEOBET88 for the first time, you can completely access this interface in the fastest way.

Entering the White snake slot game, you can enter a fairy tale page with shimmering 3D graphics. Each character is carefully designed by the KEOBET88 design team, making players excited. With cool graphics, we assure that players will have the most sublime and wonderful gaming entertainment moments! This is the biggest success that the KEOBET88 casino has achieved.

Rules for playing White snake slot game at the KEOBET88 casino

If you are interested in this popular slot game, please see the following information immediately. KEOBET88 casino will provide detailed instructions on the rules of this game for you to join!

How to calculate reward

The bonus calculation in this slot game will be based on the association of the symbols. Links land from 3 to 5 symbols of the same type and from left to right, and these symbols must be on the pay lines specified by the game. In addition, the money of bonuses you win depends on the amount of money you have bet on that game as well as the payout ratio for each symbol.

Bonus Rules

In case the player spins the jar and hits 3 bonus symbols, you will open the big pot. If you win many games in a row, the value of exploding jars is greater. If you win all the games, the player will open the Grand jar.


KEOBET88 casino is the ultimate betting paradise for you, especially the White Snake Slot game, which is booming recently. Sign up for an account today to receive the most valuable bonus! Wish you guys good luck and explode the huge pot.