India National Cricket Team

Cricket is a game played between 11 players from each side. The game requires one to act and think abstractly. The end result is determined by a team that demonstrates high level of skills. How one act in choosing the right action and an effective course of action is of the essence. The earnest you act all along the game puts one in a good position for victory. Cricket is one of the most popular sports when it comes to betting online – read more.


The history of cricket dates back in sixteenth century. The game is more embraced in India than any other region globally. India is one of the first countries in the world to receive the game with open arms. With Team India being one the greatest achievers in the game.

Cricket was welcomed first in India during the eighteenth century. However, the India national cricket landed on the pitch for the first time back in early 1930s. This was a big move for the team as it became one of first six teams to have been standardized for test cricket status.

Since introduction of cricket in India. The team has worked hard to achieve a status of being the best ever cricket team the world has ever had. Back in 1970s the team gained momentum and became better with introduction of great players. The game which was introduced to the country became an integral part of the Indian nation.


The India men’s national cricket team has had massive support from their nation since initiation. The team is with no doubt in anyone’s mind the most widely known in the world. The teams has been becoming better season to season putting amongst the worlds’ best cricket teams that have attained much to be proud of. Team India has succeeded in finishing at the top on many occasions. The team has a number of trophies. They have a total of five major trophies in their cabinet. They also have finished as second runners several times.


The team is built up of very intellectual players who with no question have proved this fact. The management is one of the best, with experienced coaches who have great and admirable characters. If the management wasn’t acting as to the benefits of the team and the nation, they wouldn’t have reached this height.

The management has vigorously advised the team to always accept challenges irrespective of the intensity, to test their capability in the field. Their coaches have brilliant cricket coaching qualities and techniques. This makes the team stronger each day. Working with compassion is clearly seeing in the team. Team India or the Men in Blue has great success and passion for the game have made them to be accepted by many in India and surrounding nations. Team India still has much to bring to the fans and it’s on the verge of another big title.