Important FAQs About Addiction To Heroin And Its Treatment 

Heroin addiction has spread, and you can find it being used by anyone from school kids to business professionals. Even though the faces of heroin addicts have changed, it is just as scary and just as dangerous as ever. Thus, in most cases, considering joining a drug rehab facility is imperative.

Can Someone With Heroin Addiction Function in Life?

Some heroin addicts function somewhat normally for a while – as long as their life is arranged to be able to take heroin several times a day. But for many people suffering from heroin addiction, much of their time is also taken up trying to find more heroin. Someone who’s wealthy doesn’t have too much of a problem with that. They have their sources and people who will make sure they have plenty. But the average person doesn’t have a lot of money or a huge stash of heroin. After they shoot up and the initial extreme effect dies down, they’ll soon start looking for more. They know they’re going to need it in a few hours.

Can Heroin Addiction Lead to Crime?

Absolutely. Heroin addicts will do anything they have to get the drug. They’ll sell anything they own; they’ll sell things other people own in the house; they’ll turn into drug dealers themselves; they’ll rob stores or whatever is necessary in order to get heroin. The environment of heroin addiction is saturated with criminals. Heroin is a big money maker. Heroin dealers protect their turf. If that means carrying guns and shooting someone, no problem. There’s nothing more important than the drug money or the drugs.

Can Someone End Heroin Addiction on Their Own?

Some people can, but about 95% of those who try don’t succeed. If they get help from a good, long-term residential drug addiction treatment, they have a much better chance. If they’re really committed to overcoming their addiction, and they go into a good treatment program that offers heroin rehab, there is a very good chance they will get off heroin and stay off it.

Why is Heroin Addiction So Hard to Stop?

When someone first starts taking heroin, or any other drug, it’s often ‘recreational.’ Or they are trying to get some relief from the pressures and problems of life. However, once the drug takes hold – which does not take long – it becomes a whole different story. Even if the person wanted to quit, even if the problems they had disappeared, they just can’t. The physical craving for the drug takes over. If they don’t have it, they really feel like they’re going to die.

How Can I Help Someone With a Heroin Addiction?

First of all, realize that it is virtually impossible for them to stop on their own. If you’ve never taken heroin or a similar addictive drug, that can be very hard to understand. But, it’s true. They need to get help through a drug addiction treatment center that can get them safely through withdrawal and heroin rehab.

If you or someone you know have a problem with heroin addiction, find a good drug addiction treatment center and be helped in a medically supervised drug detox program to make withdrawal comfortable. Heroin addiction can be overcome if you get the help you need now.