I decided to buy my dad a Tufina watch

With my dad’s birthday coming up, I started looking for possible gift ideas. Since he’s a businessman I thought a luxury watch would be a nice addition to his office attire. You can’t underestimate the importance of having a good watch on your wrist, especially during important meetings. Not to mention the fact that my father is quite sentimental. Although he owns more than 15 different luxury timepieces, most of the time he wears the IWC Da Vinci Chronograph that my mom got for him for their 10th anniversary. So, I decided to add another possible family heirloom to his collection – the gorgeous Tufina Rio. 

Tufina Rio Theorema | GM-107-2 | Silver  – Overview

First, let’s talk about the mechanics. This timepiece features an in-house mechanical movement with 17 rubies. Now, that is a very important element, as the completely see-through design makes the movement the star of the show. I dwelled deep into the brand’s history and manufacturing process so I could learn more about this specific movement. Apparently, they make their watches by hand in their Munich workshops. The use of rubies guarantees less friction and better durability for these fine mechanisms. The brand has a German license. I am no watch expert, however, I am aware of the great reputation that German watches hold. So, I had no doubts regarding the engineering of this watch. It all came down to picking a model.

Rio’s skeleton composition caught my attention at once. I went for the silver option as my dad usually sports black suits and cold tone dress shirts. The case was made of stainless steel and it shined in a beautiful silver tone. This specific model came with a genuine leather band in black which was paired with a silver butterfly buckle. Every element created a holistic look. Surely, what made this watch stand out from the rest was the beautiful display created by the moving mechanisms. I know my dad owns a couple of open heart timepieces, however, this was going to be his first fully skeletonized watch. I knew he’d love the design as well as trying something new.

Rio Theorema – Reactions

Everyone is hyped up for the moment when gifts are opened. We had a small family gathering to celebrate his birthday and I couldn’t wait to see his reaction when opening my present. He took the box in his hands and carefully unwrapped the paper. Rio came in a classic luxury watch packaging. The black box was sleek and compact. He picked up the watch and a smile formed on his face. I’d hit the jackpot.

He carefully examined the face of the watch. Just like I did when picking it out, he took a long while to really admire the skeletonized design. After all, there are so many details worth appreciating in this see-through timepiece. The skeleton arrangement is definitely Rio’s forte. Everyone at the table asked to take a close look at it, and he had even worn it yet.

He said he could already tell from the feel of the leather band that the watch was gonna be very comfortable. He put it on and noted how lightweight it was. Let’s say he kept throwing glances at it throughout the whole evening. 

Tufina Rio Theorema – Takeaway

I am confident I made the right choice when purchasing Rio. From all the watches I scrolled through, this particular timepiece made its way into my heart in an instant. Striking, shining and elegant, Rio had every quality you want from a luxury timepiece. I was looking for something refined that emitted an aura of class, and that’s just what I got. I could tell my dad was extremely happy with my choice. Surely, this skeleton watch became one of his statement pieces. Whenever he has an important meeting to attend, he grabs Rio – his good luck charm.