How Youtube works for music promotion

YouTube is taking the music industry by storm, hoping to compete with bigwigs like Spotify and SoundCloud. With over 2 billion users, it is only natural for the platform to have some influence over music audiences. As a musician, YouTube is one tool you must incorporate into your marketing efforts. It can help you reach your audience faster if you use it well. This guide will highlight some tips to help you promote your music on YouTube.

First impressions always matter 

When it comes to promoting music, you need to put on an impressive show for visitors and guests who are not familiar with your music. A great way to do this is by setting up your profile properly. Use an excellent banner image, provide links to other social media, and add a bio. Also, it helps to organize your content into playlists, if possible, so it will be easy to find.

Interact with other musicians

Another great way to promote your music on YouTube is by interacting with others in your niche. You only need to interact with these channels by commenting, liking, and sharing their videos. With time, you can take it further by working on short projects to give your YouTube page a wider reach. It also helps to target a musician with a similar demographic as you. This makes it easier to tap into the audience.

Schedule videos

YouTube’s algorithm works uniquely; scheduling videos helps you maintain your reach. Your listeners also become accustomed to promotional content and look out for it during this schedule. Also, it is ideal to post the content during peak periods to ensure that it reaches the right audience.

Make your videos engaging 

It is not enough to create and post promotional videos, you also need to make them engaging. Add content that encourages users to comment and share the videos. It could also be in live streams, Q&A sessions, teasers, or playlists. Some musicians create challenges and get their fans to create videos, which they can share.

Don’t overlook SEOTap into search engine optimization to increase your reach. YouTube uses it just as much as other Google products. First, use keywords in videos and always describe your posted content. Tags may also help people search for the song without knowing its name. It is also essential to avoid generic song titles. There’s a chance it is already overused and will not produce any tangible results in SEO. Make your titles simple but unique.

Use analytics 

Thankfully, YouTube provides analytics to show you who is watching your videos. This will give you insight into what your audience enjoys. You can tell which songs are in demand. Check the locations, demographics, traffic sources, and more.

Lastly, check trending topics before posting. You can take advantage of the trend to promote your music. Google Trends is one tool to use for this purpose. With these simple tips, you can make the most of YouTube as an artist.