How to Win the Lottery (10 Top Tips & Tricks)

Winning the lottery is a dream we have all had. Who wouldn’t want to instantly walk away with enough money to enter a new tax bracket? A winner would indeed have to be lucky above all else to win. Despite the importance of fate, strategy is also important in your pursuit of fortune. Here is a list of 10 top tips and tricks to win the lottery. 

1. Analyze trends

Even though winning online instant win games involves chance, you can use past winning or losing numbers to your advantage. You can follow these trends to test your luck or you can choose to play against them – but make sure you’re at least aware of how numbers go. Some numbers are hot, some are cold, and some are overdue. Make the most of your experience! 

2. Play less popular games 

To play smaller games with lower winnings may not sound appealing, but your odds of winning increase significantly. Less popular lottery games are better to play because you’re competing against a much smaller group of players. Online win games that are not played often are excellent for anyone wishing to walk away with their winnings. 

3. Have a money plan 

Having a genuine shot at winning the game involves not just a single-play strategy, but also a long-term plan. This will keep you committed to the game even if the odds are not in your favor on a single try. Planning long-term will also prevent you from spending more from your budget than you’re comfortable with. 

4. More tickets will increase the chances of winning

Remember that the lottery is a game of chance above all else, and the simplest way to have the odds in your favor is to – you guessed it – have more tickets. At the same time, as we mentioned above, keeping a budget limit is very important. To boost your chances of winning, make more attempts with different numbers and combinations, but try to strategize within the game you’re playing. 

5. Don’t always stick to your pattern

To ace an online instant win game, you shouldn’t be afraid of testing your instinctive luck every now and then. You can never be certain you will win, so don’t hesitate in moving things around and outside your usual pattern. You can even try random number generators to truly mix things up. Being open-minded is never a bad idea!  

6. Take care of your tickets!

Keeping your lottery ticket securely with you is important, especially when you’re playing the odds, not randomly guessing a number. A significant number of players win the lottery but never claim their prize. You don’t want to end up being unable to find your winning ticket! Also remember to check and double-check the drawing numbers, make sure you’re checking at the right date and the right prize. 

7. Old tickets can be valuable 

Any instant win game will also have some prizes that will be unclaimed, and some prizes with second or third drawings. If you don’t win big, it is likely that you will be able to recover some of your ticket costs with smaller prizes, especially if you have entered multiple times. This is, obviously, a backup strategy. The aim is to win big! 

8. Join a lottery pool

A lottery pool is a group of people purchasing a large number of tickets. This reduces the price for each ticket and increases your odds of winning drastically, but comes at a cost. The jackpot you win will have to be shared among the group. Joining an office lottery pool or, in this age, a social media group can therefore be an effective strategy. Having strong paperwork is important here, as people may try to unfairly take away your winnings. 

9. Choose rarer numbers

Even though it is impossible to predict the right lottery numbers, many people pick numbers based on what they think is lucky for them. These are usually birthdays or dates of other important events. That makes numbers above 31 rarer than others, which reduces the odds of having to split your winnings with others. 

10. Have fun!

This may be the most generic and yet the most important advice. Any online instant win game is a game, and you should never depend upon winning. In the end, it is always going to be more likely than not that you end up without the jackpot. That’s what the lottery is all about. Unless, of course, you have a ton of money to buy lots of tickets. 

It is indeed very fun to try to match your selected numbers with randomly selected numbers, checking your luck against thousands if not millions of people. These online games bring this excitement to you without the hassles of the traditional lottery. Don’t hesitate! It may just be your lucky day.