How to Take Care of Yourself When You Have Herpes?

Diseases like herpes or any other STD must be taken seriously. Somehow, due to the STD stigma, you think you must isolate yourself. In fact, if you don’t, then other people will keep themselves at a distance from you.

Herpes can be tough, but you know it’s not the end of the world. There are millions of people with herpes still living the best lives and relationships.

At first, herpes will give you a tough time. However, with time, you can overcome it. All you have to do is consider the following tips on how to tackle herpes.

Take your regular medicine:

Herpes is one of those STDs that can be treated with medicine. So never take a little extra or less medicine. Take it exactly as directed by your doctor. If you are confused, then call your doctor or nurse and get the exact directions from them. Herpes is a serious disease, so every doctor will give you specific and detailed instructions about your medicine.

Instruction to reduce sore itching from herpes:

One of the major symptoms of herpes is sores on the body. In fact, these sores itch a lot. The first thing to do is get your regular medicine for these sores. Moreover, there are some great home teams that you can apply to. 

  • Taking warm sitz baths is great to reduce herpes and sore itching.
  • Touching or drying sores with a towel after a bath may be more irritating. So let the air dry your skin, which will feel very good.
  • Always prefer to wear cotton clothes, especially undergarments, which must be made from cotton. Cotton is known for absorbing moisture.
  • Always use warm water when you are urinating. Pouring warm water will prevent irritation that might happen during urination.

Dating with Herpes:

Due to the stigma of STDs, most patients become lonely. As nobody tries to come closer, not even friends, so it affects a lot psychologically. Even though people who care about patients with STDs have launched herpes dating apps such as positive singles. You can find a perfect friend partner for yourself through herpes dating.

HIV single dating may seem a bit impossible, but through the app, you can match up with someone with the same disease. So, there is no worry or stigma about using herpes dating apps.


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Taking care of yourself during herpes is easy. All it needs is courage and an open heart to accept it. Furthermore, if you are lonely, consider using a positive singles site or app to find a partner. Believe me, you will never even feel that you are suffering from herpes.