How to Select the Perfect Highlighter for Your Skin Tone

The dewy skin look on the screens is what we are crushing on right now. How about you? It seems like the work of God when you see that subtle shine on your face, highlighting the high points of your face. Keep it quiet for your routine wear, or let it glow more for a party look; there is no turning back once you are in this game. The best liquid highlighter makes all this work for you only when you get the perfect shade for your skin tone. 

In the makeup world, products give their best when you choose them according to your skin type. First, they complement your skin tone and blend in like a second skin. This gives you a natural look. It highlights your features naturally, making nothing stand out too loud or flat to attract unnecessary attention or go unnoticed. This is why we always emphasize picking the right makeup products according to skin type.  

Let’s go on another quest, this time finding skin highlighter according to your skin type. In this blog, we will learn the skin undertones and tones and see which face highlighter suits each of them best. 

What is my skin undertone type?

The first step towards finding any makeup product according to your skin type is understanding your skin undertone. The skin tones are broadly categorised into neutral, warm, and cool. Let’s see each of them individually and pick your category.

Warm undertone

If your skin has warm undertones, it will reflect yellow, golden, or peachy undertones. People with warm undertones generally have tan, dark, or olive skin that tan quite easily. 

Cool undertone

You have a cool undertone skin if your skin reflects pink, blue, or purple undertones. People with cool undertones generally have a light or fair skin colour that burns in the sun easily. 

Neutral undertone

You have a neutral undertone if you have a balanced mix of cool and warm undertones. This undertone is versatile as products for both cool and warm-toned suits this skin undertone type. 

Once you have understood your skin undertone as the first step in your quest to find the perfect liquid highlighter, let us move on to the next step, selecting the highlighter colour.

Which highlighter suits my skin tone the best?

The colours of the highlighter are thoughtfully made, keeping in mind different skin undertones that suit them the best. As you have now identified your skin undertone, check out the perfect highlighter colour for the same. 

Warm undertone shades

As we said, you need to find the one that complements your skin’s undertone; gold and peach colors best suit the warm undertones. These tones highlight the skin’s natural warmth, giving you the perfect sun-kissed glow. Peach, rose gold, champagne, and gold are your go-to highlighter colours. Bronze is yet another colour that suits the warm undertones. A bronze finish adds warmth to your overall look, making others envy your golden hour look.

Cool undertone shades

Cool undertones work well with silver or cool blue shades. Pink, blue, lavender, and purple are the colours that you should choose from if you have cool undertone shades. The tints and hints of these colour palates best suit the cool undertone highlighter makeup. Considering the finish, pearl, silver, or white are the options you should look for. These shades blend well with your skin’s undertone and give a glorious cool glow without any signs of warmth. 

Neutral undertone shades

Get the benefits of a warm and cool undertone highlighter if you have a neutral skin undertone. You can choose the colours according to the occasion and makeup type you want to carry. Nude shades and champagne colours work best for the neutral undertone, giving a balanced look. Another option is a rose gold liquid highlighter that blends perfectly with the neutral skin undertone. It adds warmth to your overall look without dominating the cool side of your skin, making a balanced and beautiful effect. 

Tips for selecting the best face highlighter

Consider the following additional tips while selecting your perfect highlighter:

For a fair skin tone, go for champagne, white, or soft pink shades that blend well and do not overpower the natural skin tone. 

For a deep skin tone, go for bronze, copper, or gold styles that complement your skin tone without giving a whitish look. 

Light shades of bronze, rose gold, or peach work best for a balanced skin tone. 

Before purchasing the highlighter, always test it on your hand to see if it complements your skin tone. 

While testing the highlighter, also check it in natural light. Artificial light enhances the reflection and might alter the actual look of your highlighter makeup. 

Getting your best liquid highlighter and suiting your skin type is a journey that helps you know about yourself. Experiment with the shades of highlighter suitable to your skin type with Lotus Herbals and shine in that natural, dewy look!