How To Quickly Fix A Dripping Tap: Causes and Solutions

Damaged Cartridge

A dripping tap can be a real nuisance, especially if it has been unchecked for some time. The source of the problem could be traced to an old or damaged cartridge inside the tap. It is a small device responsible for controlling water flow, and worn cartridges can leak inconsistent water from the tap. Fortunately, it is an easy fix—just replacing the cartridge should stop the dripping noise, which would benefit one’s home and help conserve water.

Water Pressure

If you have noticed that the tap in your Blacktown home is dripping, wasting water, and driving up your water bill, you should consider hiring a plumber as soon as possible. Water pressure can be a major factor in a dripping tap, especially if the pressure is too high in the pipes. A plumber will be able to inspect your system and make sure the pressure is within normal limits for maximum efficiency. In addition, they will be able to identify any other potential causes of the problem and make repairs accordingly. Do not ignore those drip-drip-drips from your faucet – contact a plumber in Blacktown today to ensure the water pressure is not causing your dripping tap.

Broken Washers

Unsuspecting homeowners may be unaware that a broken washer, or seal, is causing their dripping tap. Washers are the rubber rings between the faucet handle and valve. Over time, these components can slowly wear out, an issue that can be easily overlooked during routine plumbing system inspections. Left untreated, this seemingly minor problem can lead to much bigger issues, such as water pooling around fixtures and serious water waste. If you think a broken washer could cause your dripping tap, it’s best to contact an experienced plumber to determine if it needs to be replaced.

Malfunctioning O-Ring

A dripping tap can be one of the most annoying sounds in a household. Thankfully, such an issue is usually easily fixable by ensuring the O-Ring seal is not damaged or wearing out. In these cases, replacing the O-Ring is important to restore a watertight seal and stop the drip from occurring. Without replacing it, further damage could be done to your plumbing system due to the regular water leaking. On top of this, you would also be wasting precious water in the process and potentially having to fork out money for costly repairs if the problem persists. So, if you are dealing with a leaking tap in your home and suspect it is due to an old or malfunctioning O-Ring seal, take care of it as soon as possible.

Deteriorated Valve Seat

A dripping tap can cause much anxiety when attempting to repair it. One potential issue relates to a deteriorated valve seat, as an eroding surface reduces the ability of a valve to create an exact seal. As this seal is not maintained, water may escape and lead to an irritating drip sound. Identifying a deteriorated valve seat is important, as other issues may lead to similar results and require different treatments; while replacing the valve is likely the required measure, any miscalculation could cost time and resources.