How to qualify for CUET along with the board exam concurrently?

The CUET tests, the country’s most considerable thorough entry exam, will be issued for the foremost time in a few days. This examination is the second-biggest test, with over many enrolments for the educational year. Therefore the contest will be severe. However, this exam is closer to the board exams, and most aspirants are quite stressed about it.

You must diligently qualify because you are competing against a sizable contestant. The prevalence of you may be uncertain about the topics to review, how to manage your analysis time, and a plethora of additional problems because the trial is still somewhat new. Additionally, when board exams are around, you also have to give your best shot for that. So, here in this column, professionals have suggested how to prepare and excel in both exams.

How can you get prepared at an identical time?

Focus on setting aside time for CUET domain-specific preparations, board preparations, and, last but not least, aptitude problem solving while creating your schedule is the best way to prepare.

Similar to a board curriculum, the domain-specific offers you easy questions. You may thus handle both of these at once.

Preparing time after board exams

Exams for the NTA CUET will be held during the 1st week of July. Therefore, you should have between 25 and 40 days to get ready for the CUET tests after your board exams. Make the most of this possibility by thoroughly qualifying for your entrance exam. Here you can know about the Matokeo Darasa la Saba

There are three main phases for the entrance exams: the time between January and February, during which you can multitask and prepare; the Board exam phase, during which you must concentrate solely on academics; and the time immediately following your exams, during which you must devote your entire time to entrance preparations. The NTA CUET Exam and material must be well understood because the CUET is regarded as a new exam.

Suggestions for preparation

Determinate the test Pattern

The quantity of topics is identical; however, each college’s document has a distinct layout. In charge of qualifying for the admission test, it is important to comprehend the paper layout for the individual college. You should also learn about the namba za simu za Warembo Bongo.

Recognize the syllabus

The subsequent stage is to compute the curriculum so you comprehend what to review once you have an interpretation of your test pattern. The appropriate curriculum for the course, as well as the board exam you appear to, is available on the official CUET website.

Make a timetable

If you organise your scheduling well, it may produce excellent outcomes. But for maximum individuals, developing a study routine can be one of the most challenging tasks. There must be a moment in your daily schedule for CUET quiz prep. You may first allot 1-2 to 3 hours for the entry exam and the remaining time for the board examinations.

Once the board examinations are completed, you can use most of your time for the NTA CUET test.

List the colleges you want to attend

You need to create a list of CUCET institutions or courses before you begin your preparation. Then, be aware of the college’s counselling position and the cut-off from the prior year. This will give you a better sense of the marks you need on the CUET test to be admitted to a certain programme at the college of your choice. Additionally, it will improve how well you are prepared for the following test.

Your new friend should be a newspaper

Reading the news will improve your vocabulary, punctuation, and reading comprehension. You might use the Hindu or Time of India publications to hone your English. To enhance your Hindi, you may opt to read the newspaper. You must study and analyse the publication’s editorial page for at least 30 minutes.


You shouldn’t choose a brand-new study subject at the last minute. The final few days are intended primarily for review to help you review and retain the material you have previously learnt. Revision is crucial for getting a decent grade. Without review, studying is like just working without a plan. With revision take as many as possible mock tests which helps to evaluate your preparation. There are many institutes which provides free mock tests for CUET, make use of them. 

Why is it important to rest?

A desire to attend a top university might change a person’s life. The majority of you may be well educated for the exam as well, but keep in mind that you can only perform at your best during the test if you are cool and collected. Even though you know most of the answers, you may not have a clear head to think if you work overtime yourself and don’t get enough sleep. This circumstance may be depressing. Make absolutely sure you get enough sleep and have a happy attitude throughout the exam to prevent this.


These are a few tips to prepare simultaneously. With these ideas, you can prepare better now. Take proper rest with study as well.