How to Promote Game Online in Scandinavian Countries

The main takeaway from the recent lockdowns and pandemic restrictions is that online gambling is one of the most solid business endeavors. The industry has been on a continuous climb with more engaging video slots and the addition of cryptocurrencies as a payment method. One of the most crucial prerequisites to promoting your online gambling business is to target a market that already has a strong gambling culture. That’s where the Nordic countries come in, with Sweden leading the pack, having fully regulated online gambling through the Swedish Gambling Authority, which can allow a casino online to operate from within the country. The population of Denmark and Finland is also historically linked to gambling activities, and the online casinos operating in these markets are showing impressive profits. Let’s look at each country individually to find the best methods to market an online casino. 


In Finland, we can observe the highest casino online gambling engagement in Scandinavia, with 8 out of 10 Finns placing wagers on video slots or lotteries in the last 12 months. However, promoting an online casino will be much trickier compared to Sweden because the Finnish Government does not regulate the market. Online casinos licensed and regulated by other jurisdictions, like the Malta Gaming Authority or the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, can still operate on the Finnish market. You cannot run your marketing campaign on national television channels or newspapers, and you will have to stick to online advertising. The Finnish iGaming market boosts more than €2 billion yearly, and if you want to attract a part of that revenue, you should prioritize offering lucrative Welcome Packages coupled with engaging tournaments. 


Online gambling is entirely legal in Sweden, and online casinos can request a license from the Swedish Government. This means that advertising on national television and local newspapers is allowed, but the most successful campaigns will still occur over social media and online. The market has seen an impressive increase in online casinos, with the most notable brands entering the fray, and one can expect cutthroat competition. For that very reason, after promoting your brand, you will have to ensure that you provide Swedish gamblers with the latest releases from highly reputable iGaming providers while also offering highly lucrative deposit bonus matches and frequent freebies. 


Online gambling is licensed and regulated in Denmark by the Danish Gambling Authority, known as Spillenmyndigheden locally. The gross gaming revenue for the start of this year has been €261 million for January, €214 million for February, and €226 million for March. There is a minus 2.5% change at the current rate compared to the previous year, which has seen €720 million in revenue in the same period. To promote your online casino in Denmark, you will first have to secure a license. Afterward, you must ensure that the correct RTP percentages are displayed in your advertising, and gambling must be described as entertainment without implying that it could solve financial issues. If you plan on providing Danish gamblers with bonuses, you will have to abide by the following regulations:

  • Bonus offers have to be clear with easy to understand terms and conditions
  • You must specify if the wagering requirements apply for the initial deposit or the entire bonus balance
  • If you decide to include a maximum allowed bet when offering a bonus balance, you should make it visible within the bonus terms and conditions


The small island nation does not self-regulate online gambling and instead follows the laws of the European Economic Area, which mean that gamblers are free to visit offshore websites. To achieve the best results in this market, the bestu spilavítin á netinu, as they are referred to in Icelandic, must ensure that they provide customer support in the native tongue, which can prove a complicated task. Like Finland and Denmark, TV ads are not allowed in Iceland; therefore, online casinos should aim to have a strong social media presence.


Promoting an online casino in the Scandinavian markets can be a great business decision. Ideally, a mix of national TV and local newspaper ads, where allowed, and a solid social media campaign will bring the best results.