How to Prepare Current Affairs for Bank Exams?

Current Affairs play a significant role for the Bank Exams and is usually considered the main subject that can make or break a selection. The current affairs for bank exams is divided into three sections, Banking News, Current News and Static GK. All the three makes the syllabus of the exam vast. Hence, one should resort to a preparation strategy that helps one to secure high marks in the current affairs section. Referring to newspapers and magazines along with short notes can easily fetch you 30 to 35 marks.

Important Topics to Prepare for Current Affairs for Bank Exams

The section accounts for 35 marks in bank exams and majority of questions are asked from static GK and current news. The following are some topics that one should prepare when studying current affairs to maximise their scores in the exam. 

  1. Government schemes and policies 
  2. News related to banking and economy
  3. News of national and international importance
  4. Famous Books and their authors
  5. Important dates and events
  6. Awards
  7. Summits
  8. Appointment & Resignation
  9. Ranks & Reports
  10. Science & Technology
  11. Sports News
  12. Defence Exercise
  13. Obituary

Preparation Strategy of Current Affairs for Bank Exams

Current Affairs accounts for almost 35 questions in the bank exams. This makes it one of the most crucial subjects that decides the selection of a candidates. If you are preparing for the current affairs for bank exams then the following strategy will be helpful to crack the exam. 

  1. Daily Current Affairs Notes

The candidates should stay updated with current affairs by reading the newspapers. One should cover national and financial newspapers to get a complete idea of the major events, policies, and developments. While reading, make concise notes of significant information, such as key figures, government decisions, and economic indicators. 

  1. Monthly Compilations

One can also resort to the monthly current affair compilations PDF to prepare for the bank exams. These resources help you review and reinforce your knowledge of recent events. Studying with these compilations helps one to cover the news that is not covered in the newspapers and daily quizzes on crucial topics.

  1. Study with Online Resources 

Leverage the power of the internet by following reputable news websites and official government sources. These platforms offer real-time updates on national and international events. You should resort to more than one resource to cover all the updates for a day. This is a great way to save time and effort.

  1. Mock Tests and Quizzes

Practice is essential for effective learning when it comes to preparing for the examination. Engage in mock tests and quizzes that include current affairs questions. Many online platforms offer mock tests specifically tailored to bank exams. By testing your knowledge, you will identify areas that need improvement and develop better retention of the material.

  1. Flashcards and Mind Maps

Flashcards are a valuable tool for quick and focused revision when it comes to preparing for current affairs. Create flashcards for essential facts, figures, and terms related to current affairs. You can also resort to mind maps to connect related topics, helping you understand the broader context and relationships between different events. These techniques aid memory recall during the exam.

  1. Group Discussions and Debates

Engaging in group discussions or debates about current affairs enhances your understanding through diverse perspectives. Sharing insights and discussing various viewpoints with peers can deepen your comprehension of complex issues. Explaining your thoughts to others also reinforces your knowledge.

  1. Revision Schedule:

Developing a revision schedule ensures consistent and thorough preparation. Allocate specific time slots for revisiting current affairs topics. One should prioritise recent and relevant subjects. Reviewing the short notes boosts your memory and boosts your confidence in tackling current affairs questions.


  1. How to study current affairs effectively for bank exams?

Ans. The candidates should study current affairs by starting newspaper reading to cover different topics. 

  1. How to start reading current affairs for bank exams?

Ans. The candidates should refer to newspapers and magazines to read current affairs for bank exams.

  1. How can I memorize current affairs fast?

Ans. Candidates should make flash cards and attempt regular quizzes to memorize current affairs fast.

  1. How toppers prepare for current affairs?

Ans. Toppers use flashcards and short news of daily news to prepare for current affairs. 

  1. How many months current affairs is enough for bank exams?

Ans. It is advisable to consider current affairs of last 6 months for bank exams.