How to Play Xoc Dia and Secrets from Hi88 Experts Revealed

New players are looking for a reputable select address or veteran gamers are feeling like their current location is not suitable. Participating in entertainment at the leading game portal nhà cái hi88 is an interesting and attractive choice that you should not miss. Let’s find out more instructions togetherHow to play coin tossGo online to experience it right away.

How does Xoc Dia take the spotlight at online game portals?

At the online game portal Hi88, coin toss is the game most chosen by many bettors. Because it has simple and easy-to-understand rules, in addition, the winning rate here is quite high and the payout is very prestigious.

You only need a bowl, 4 dice and 1 plate to start select. Designing a dice configuration with white and red sides, the results after each game will depend on the color and parity on these dice.

Compared to the traditional form of select, the way to play online coin toss at the reputable game portal Hi88 is not too different. Famous for being a transparent and fair entertainment address, the process will not be pre-arranged by the system, so you can experience it with complete peace of mind.

Disc jockey terms at Hi88 online

As a veteran gamer or a new member, if you clearly understand the meaning of each term in Xoc Dia game, you will not be confused and can control and master the game easily:

  • Odd even: Also known as the bet, the player places 1 out of 2 and then waits for the result.
  • Military position: is an object used to put into the shock plate. Online technology, the objects used to shock are the same but have different colors
  • Lower bid: Means you have placed a successful bet and cannot change the result.
  • All colors: This means that the pieces have the same color. If you win the bet right now, the bonus you will receive will be 2-3 times higher than normal.
  • Eating turtle: Is when after 3 consecutive shocks the result is the same even or odd number, the player who bets one color will win big.
  • Double bet: Meaning you can increase or decrease the bet value within 3 seconds
  • Don bid: Capital plus winnings are combined and placed for a new bet

How to play coin toss at game portal Hi88 to get full points

How to play coin toss at online game portal Hi88 is extremely simple and easy. New players, even if they are just accessing for the first time, can still participate quickly. But to save you time, please read the following instructions before placing your bet.
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  • Step 1: Access the dealerHi88 to log in or register to experience this prestigious gaming space. Players need to choose a reputable, genuine link to avoid having their information stolen.
  • Step 2: Move to the main screen of the playground, access the Card Games section, you will immediately see the game Xoc Dia, click right there to participate in select.
  • Step 3: Choose a room depending on the amount of money you have and the game to bet on. Then proceed to select the select box and the desired amount, finally wait for the system to announce the winning result to receive the reward, if losing, you lose the bet.

Tips on how to play dice to win big from Hi88 experts

After carefully reading the information provided above, you can immediately participate in select. But if you want to receive huge rewards, players must learn and update the select tips below.

Know when to stop

Playing dice is simple, but if you don’t know when to stop and are too eager to win or worry about losing, your odds of receiving rewards will not be high. After winning a certain amount of money, if you are smart, you will choose to stop and protect the money you have.

If you lose, you should not continue to bet to win because then your psychology is no longer stable and the decision will definitely be wrong. So you need to keep your mind calm to handle the situation rationally so you don’t regret it later.

Game on the winner

This is a secret that is also widely used by gamers. Almost everyone who can win consecutively is either a master or they are just having good luck that day. You can improve your losing streak by choosing these people.


In short, playing coin toss is very simple and easy, any member can participate in select right away. What are you waiting for? Go to the online game portal Hi88, create an official account, then start experiencing and receive huge rewards right away.