How To Market Your Business On Tiktok?

Do you want to reach out to a younger audience? Do you want to market your business on the fastest growing social media platform globally? How much do you know about TikTok?

If you are new to TikTok, you’re already late to the party. Almost a third of the Australians are there and businesses are increasingly embracing this video sharing and social media platform. 

Most people open TikTok for entertainment but there are also businesses that have successfully used the platform to get their name out, launch products, make sales, get leads and in general, promote their business.

Here is what you should know about TikTok marketing for businesses:

1. Get to Know the Platform

If you want to be successful on TikTok, learn to use it as much as you can. TikTok is addictive and that’s the reason for such a high engagement rate. 

You need to use it to learn how things actually work. Don’t get sucked into the TikTok vortex (it’s hard to avoid that).

Find more about the popular content, recent trends, the time when popular creators post new content, frequency of posting, what users like to do on the app, what kind of ads are there on the platform and other such things.

Get a feel of the platform and check out content from different types of audiences and not just your target audience. You need to learn and there’s nothing better than learning by doing.

2. Check out Content in Your Industry

Once you have carefully studied the ins and outs of the platform, it’s time to specifically check the content in your industry, including your competitors. If you have a few competitors on the platform, follow their accounts to see the kind of content that is working for them. 

Check out their ad campaigns or other campaigns that have gone viral. Find more about the influencers they are using (if any) and the type of content those influencers are posting.

3. Decide on Your Promotion Strategy

TikTok is a unique platform. Firstly, it restricts video length to a maximum of 60 seconds. Secondly, people use it mainly for entertainment but there are also other categories with millions of users. 

What works on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram is unlikely to work on TikTok.

This is why you need to focus on content that is likely to work on this app. Also, you don’t have to necessarily use the app for making sales. You may use it to become an authority figure in your industry or make people aware of your brand.

Figure out how you may use influencers or ads to get people to your website or your TikTok account.

4. Maintain Consistency

There is one thing that TikTok’s algorithms love and it is consistency. If you want to get more followers or increase engagement rate or get more likes or shares, the least you have to do is follow a consistent posting schedule. 

Even if you’re not getting the response you expected, keep posting.

5. Track to Win

A marketing strategy becomes successful with careful optimisation and tweaking. It’s unlikely you will get it right the first time. This is why you need to track your progress across several metrics to find the type of content that works for you. 

Make sure you track everything including the content type, time of posting, trends, hashtags, particular filters and other such things. Measuring these metrics will help you create a successful TikTok marketing strategy that should do well in the long run.

Final Thoughts

TikTok has the users and successful businesses know they need to be where the users are. TikTok is unique in its offering and this is why you need a unique marketing strategy tailored to this platform. 

Make sure you first understand the platform and study your competition before coming up with a unique promotion strategy for your business. Also, track everything to continuously optimise your strategy and maintain a competitive edge.