How to Make Your YouTube Videos Look Stunning?

Making YouTube videos is a major deal. You must have surely heard the statistics explaining just how huge the platform is. Approximately 1000 hours of visual content gets uploaded on YouTube every five minutes.

But here’s the reality: most of these minutes are just awful, horrible quality, boring and painful to watch! But there’s good news for individuals and organizations looking to stand out from the competition and create top-quality videos that people take the effort and the time to watch.

The good news is that some simple tips can help you improve the quality of your YouTube videos dramatically. This will ultimately result in more views, increasing recognition and sales.You can create amazing youtube videos using this free editing software.

And the best part is it will not cost you a dime! Here’s how:

1. Do Not Overlook the Thumbnails

The thumbnails in your YouTube video are the very first thing that people will come across. So, you cannot go about just overlooking them. Instead, you must make the best efforts to differentiate them from the other visuals.

There are different things you can do to make your thumbnails exclusive. You can use colorful and bright backdrops, bold and big text, and good sound in the thumbnails. This will be just enough for making them attractive and stunning.

2. The Sound Quality in Your Video Matters

Surprised to find this tip coming in the second position? Don’t be. The sound in your video is more important to create high-quality footage than the actual video. This might seem odd initially, but the explanation herein will make it clear to you.

People, for a moment, can forgive mediocre quality YouTube videos, but they cannot take in low-quality sound in the videos they watch. People are generally not fond of distorted sound or sound like it was recorded in a cave. If the sound in your video is not perfect, the viewers are likely to get to some other visual.

The first step you must take is getting a good quality microphone.Any inexpensive model will also do the trick. After that comes the recording.

Try running a very basic noise removal filter for recording your video. You will be shocked to find that an advanced-level video editor can help you with this. It will remove excessive noise in your video and instantly make it professional work.With the help of quality videos, you can gain your followers and engagement on instagram if you are posting.

3. Consistent Editing Is Necessary- Edit As Per Your Brand

You must edit your YouTube video so that it is perfectly aligned with the personality and the style of your brand. This way, people will instantly know that it’s your video even if you do not provide any company details.

But be consistent with the brand editing, ensuring the same font and text color throughout all your YouTube videos. Experts believe that creating some brand and style around the editing in a video helps businesses stand out on YouTube.Quality video content can help you a lot if you are having your own agency or you are doing digital marketing.

It makes the viewers familiar with the content style, so they keep coming back to it.

4. Take Care of the Lighting

Not just for YouTube videos, but lighting is one of the most significant factors for the success of any video. The lighting in your YouTube video should not be too complicated. Make sure it’s there, and it does the right job.

Proper lighting will make even a low-quality camera produce good quality videos. People love watching well-lit videos, you know! Try using desk lamps both behind and around the computer screen if you are using your desktop for the recording.

You even have the option of going for an affordable lighting kit that comes with a backdrop setup. Also, do not forget to place an illuminator right behind you. This helps stand out from the video backdrop while offering more depth to the ultimate appearance.

5. Pay Attention to the Video Description Style

Try to set up your video description, in the same way every time. By doing so, people will get used to your style, and they will instantly connect to your YouTube video. It will make them more apt to click on the video and watch it right till the end.

Additionally, if you keep working on consistency in your videos, it will help you outperform the other individuals or companies in the same niche as yours.

6. Edit with Jump Cuts

The jump-cut editing technique is one of the fastest and the easiest ways of recording a video. The procedure is when a visual is made up of many short clips placed uniformly together to form a cohesive visual.

Jumpcut YouTube videos offer two-fold benefit: they help save time while recording a video as the creator does not need to memorize long scripts, and it even keeps the pace of the video moving along quickly. This way, the viewers remain completely engaged.

Recording a YouTube video with jump cuts is very easy. You need to write an entire script for the video beforehand and then break it into easy-to-say, simple sentences.

7. Choose the Right Camera

Now that we are way into this content on making stunning YouTube videos, it’s time to talk a bit about the camera you will be using to record your video. There are several choices available based on the money you can spend.

In the first place, you can use a computer or laptop to record your YouTube video. If you already have one, this will be an affordable option. But then you might have to spend some money on getting a web camera to record high-quality videos.

The next option is your smartphone. Nowadays, smartphones can record pretty good videos thanks to their in-built cameras. An iPhone will work wonders, but a simple smartphone will also do.

Finally, if you want your YouTube video to reach great heights of success, choose a dSLR camera for the purpose. These cameras offer clear images and an in-depth appearance, making the YouTube videos look professional.

It’s a Wrap

Making a stunning YouTube video will get easier if you have the right tools and devices handy. You must have your hands on a solid video editing tool that will make the process easier for you while honing the video to an extremely sharp point.