How to Make PDF Files Out of Multiple Images

Images are capable of standing by themselves. However, there are times when you wish to combine many images into a single PDF document so that you may save or share it. For instance, you might take pictures of the whiteboard in class and then use one of the tools below to combine those pictures into a single PDF file.

PDF files are widely used and are cross-platform compatible. Understanding how to quickly convert JPEG or PNG photos into PDFs might be useful in this situation. Let’s look at some of the finest techniques for producing a PDF file from many photos with some top PDF Editor tools.

Utilize the Windows PDF Printer

Microsoft Print to PDF is a built-in Windows gadget. It is a digital printer that can be used with any app that has the Print feature. Let’s test it out on a folder of pictures.

  1. Put all of your photos in a folder and arrange them in the desired collection. Your papers may need a new name.
  2. Select every image, then select Print from the Share menu on the toolbar.
  3. The list of available printers will allow you to choose Microsoft Print to PDF. To browse through the images you selected, use the right and left arrow keys.
  4. Decide on the paper’s size and quality. The most common default is A4.
  5. Choose one of the pre-made layouts on the right. For instance, if you want a full web page image, you might select that option. When you have a lot of photographs and need to compare their relative worths, printing the photos as a contact sheet is a fantastic low-cost choice.
  6. For further print configuration choices, click the Options link in the chat field’s lower right corner. If you need to print the PDF, you can sharpen the images for printing in this dialog box.
  7. If you plan to use your printer, leave the Only display options that are compatible with my printer option selected.
  8. To select the Landscape or Portrait orientation, click the Printer Properties link.
  9. Returning to the Print Pictures dialog box after clicking OK Don’t uncheck the box for the Fit photo to the border. It is perpetually on by design.
  10. To make your PDF report, click Print. After that, save the PDF file to your computer.

Utilize Microsoft Word

Microsoft Office includes a feature called conversion to PDF that enables you to quickly export Office files in PDF format. Microsoft Word can also help you arrange your images creatively before exporting them as a PDF file.

  1. Start a new Blank Document in Word.
  2. Select Insert from the Ribbon > Pictures From. To enter images from your laptop or any other online source, use the menu. By utilizing the available handles, you may change the size of the photographs. You may format the images as you like by using Word Tables and other formatting tools.
  3. Save the file. Then, select File > Export > Create PDF/XPS Document to export the report along with a few images as a PDF file.

Implement a Chrome Extension

Some Chrome add-ons can also act. A Chrome plugin called Multiple Photos to PDF turns your PNG and JPG images to PDF without sending them through a server first.

The extension serves as the website’s front end and handles the conversion. A few report settings are controllable, as you can see on the screen above. You could, for instance, resize the image and shorten the PDF’s record length.

A 20MB maximum length restriction applies to the document. Photographic formats supported by the online tool include JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF, and WEBP.

Create searchable PDF files with iTop PDF

iTop PDF is a premium program that comes with extra features. If iTop PDF is installed on your computer, you have a strong option at your disposal.

Before creating the PDF, iTop PDF enables you to edit and enhance photographs. Using text popularity, you may turn scanned images of picture files and whiteboard photos into searchable PDF files.

But creating a PDF only requires three easy steps:

  1. Choose the PDF creation device.
  2. Navigate to the document’s location.
  3. Press Create.

iTop PDF can also quickly produce multi-page PDF files, but you should reserve that tool for specialized tasks.

Utilize PDF files with multiple images in novel ways

There is no need to convert several images before creating a PDF document. Only the bloat will receive the upload. However, you may think of some creative ways to employ this format.

  • Print your Instagram photos by converting them to PDFs.
  • Scan all of your instruction manuals, then combine the PDF files.
  • OCR, which can extract text from images, makes it possible to capture whole pictures of whiteboards. The original images and the notes that were extracted can be used as study aids.