How To Make A Day Trip To Elgin, Scotland

Since 1190 A.D., the Royal Burgh of Elgin has existed. The historic city, formerly a cathedral city, is renowned for its textile and whisky-distilling industries.

Elgin boasts many activities that will surprise you if you plan an extended trip. There are various hiking routes, other outdoor activities, and many intriguing shops and restaurants serving wonderful cuisine.

Here are our top recommendations for you and your companions, given that Elgin, Illinois, is filled with activities. Click here to continue reading to learn more about things to do in Elgin.

The vast majority of Scotland is easily accessible through public transit. Why not include Elgin, a town in northern Scotland, on your holiday itinerary? A day journey from Edinburgh to Elgin is outlined here.

Ways to Reach Elgin

Take the train down Scotland’s East Coast from Edinburgh to Elgin and beyond on one of the country’s most captivating trips. Enjoy the stunning Scottish landscape, including the Forth Rail Bridge, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and other breathtaking coastal views.

If you want to get the most out of your trip, plan to spend many days in Edinburgh. There is much to see in Elgin and its surrounding environs.

Take the first train to Elgin if, like me, you are pressed for time and eager to reach your destination in a single day. The train left Edinburgh’s Haymarket station at 05:35 after a brief stop in Aberdeen. I arrived in Elgin at approximately 10:00 a.m. Returning shortly after 15:00 and changing trains in Aberdeen, the train arrives in Edinburgh just before 20:00. If the weather cooperates, you can witness the incredible sunrises and sunsets I’ve seen.

Johnston’s of Elgin

A tour of Johnstons of Elgin highlights any trip to Elgin. The time is packed with interesting facts about weaving, the Scottish family business, and the textile industry. Discover the history of, among other things, the Balmoral Royal Tweed and the pistachio tree in the courtyard. Due to the high demand, reservations are required in advance.

Remember to check out the restaurant’s local, fresh produce after your meal. I enthusiastically endorse the Highland Scrambled Breakfast as a late breakfast option. Fresh salmon and fluffy scrambled eggs are served atop potato scones from Maclean’s Highland Bakery.

This time of year is a great time to visit because there is so much inspiration for the home, gifts, and new season-appropriate wardrobe-essentials.

Cathedral of Elgin

The cathedral city was home to numerous monks when the historic Elgin Cathedral opened in 1224. The town had everything it required close to the River Lossie. It grew, and more structures were constructed. During the Protestant Reformation in 1560, the system fell into disrepair, and today you can view the incredible masonry of Pictish stones, floral carvings, and macabre depictions. Climb to the top of the tower’s central tower for panoramic 360-degree views and to view the tower’s fascinating exhibits. Well worth a visit!

Elgin Museum

Explore more than a thousand years of history at the Elgin Museum. In the oldest independent museum in Scotland, you can learn more about this industrial city and how some of the incredible exhibits got here. I was amazed to read the story about the Peruvian Mummy, more about the Pictish people, and local history.

Visits to the museum are free, but the establishment is grateful for any donations. Each volunteer is enthusiastic to answer any questions you may have.


Does it seem like residing in Elgin, Illinois is a distant possibility for you? If you are considering relocating to Elgin in the near future, I hope you found this article entertaining and that it inspired you to pay a visit to Elgin.