How to Level up Faster in Albion Online

Even though there are a lot of ways to level up and progress through the game faster, one of the best ways is to buy Albion Silver online for the best price. This will help you advance in the game very easily instead of grinding the game for hours.

Silver is used to buy items like weapons, armour, potions, and many more. Once you finish reading the guide and implement these methods, you will have enough silver to completely equip yourself, even as a solo player.

Rough Stone Farming

It is a Tier 1 resource, available everywhere on the map. You can farm rough stone and sell it for silver in the marketplace.

If you are having trouble finding rough stones, just look for them on the starting island (also called the player island). This is where all the new players start, and there is an abundant amount of rough stone on the island.

Level gathering

Gathering, as the name suggests, is the process of players roaming around the map to collect resources. You will need some tools for gathering, and you can buy them using the silver you gained from rough stone farming.

Now, there are five different types of gathering when it comes to Albion Online, like mining, lumber, farming, fishing, and skinning.

While all of the above-mentioned professions are good at earning silver, we will be focusing on skinning because it gives you a lot of silver.

Skinning means gathering animal hides, and if you put enough points into this skill, you will be making a lot of money by selling the hide in the marketplace. Just make sure to also invest in a good skinning knife; this will make the process of earning silver much faster.

You will now have enough silver to buy the best items like weapons, armour, potions, etc. With your newly equipped gear, you must now join a group of other players.

Joining a team

Join a team of other players and go on missions like dungeons and expeditions. Playing alongside other players will help you gain fame and silver much faster.

There are two types of expeditions: solo and group. We highly recommend you go on a group expedition, as they are much more fun and rewarding.

Now, depending on your equipment, you will either be playing defensive (tank), support (healer), or offence (damage).

Keep in mind that expeditions are PvE events, so you can go along with other players without worrying, especially if you’re a new player.

Dungeons are another good way to farm silver. You can find a dungeon or purchase a map. Here, you can defeat various mobs for silver and tokens.

You will also gain a lot of fame by clearing dungeons. There are different types of dungeons, like solo, group, large, etc., depending on your group size.

We hope this guide will help you level up and progress through the game quickly. If you want a much easier solution to level up faster, then buy more game coins for the best price and stay ahead of the other players.