How to integrate into study life in Australia?

Studying in Australia has become the choice of more and more people, and for those who are going to study in Australia, what they most want to know is how to better integrate into the study life in Australia.

1. Language

As a student whose native language is not English, the most important first step in studying abroad is to learn English and adjust your mentality. You need to see English as a tool to help you live in another world, not just a credential that opens doors. Therefore, international students should avoid the situation where they no longer pay attention to learning English when their language scores meet the school’s requirements, or when they are assigned a language class.

International students must dare to communicate, especially students who are not very good at English. We must bear in mind the most fundamental purpose of learning English – not for grades, but for normal communication with foreigners, so when we go abroad, don’t worry about whether our English is good enough, whether our pronunciation is standard, and whether we will be laughed at by others. These are just minor obstacles.

2. Mail

As an international student, the first habit you should develop is to check your emails. In Australia and even in many other countries where you study abroad, the most important communication method is email. School teachers, homework/handout/or important notification events will be sent to you by email, and your bank will also send you bills and other consumption details by physical or electronic mail, instead of instant SMS notifications. Therefore, after studying abroad, we should always check our mailbox to see if there is any important notification.

3. Equality

In Western countries, a person is considered an adult as long as he reaches the legal age. No adult is considered a child just because he is still studying at school. In Australia, as an adult student at a university, the school defaults to calling the teacher’s name directly, because in their eyes every student is an equal adult, and it will not make any difference because I am teaching you knowledge.

4. Know some common sense of studying abroad in Australia

Knowing some basic Australian etiquette can help you better integrate into local student life.

– Living etiquette

While studying in Australia, you will inevitably be invited to parties. At this point, you need to ask what type of party it is and if you need to prepare anything, because some parties in Australia are prepared by everyone. Australians are not very demanding about gifts, but generally speaking, wine, flowers and chocolate are more common and popular. Among them, buying wine is more particular. If it is a casual dinner with friends, you are dressed neatly and bring a bottle of high-end whisky, which will make the host very cramped.

If you go to a friend’s house in Australia as a guest, they usually ask you to “Bring a plate”, hoping you can bring a plate of food to share with everyone.

– Way of greeting

“How’s it going?” is a common greeting in Australia. The Aussies who say it don’t really want to know how you’re doing. They just give you a daily greeting and want to get your answer – “Good”.

– Eating habits

Australian cities are all modern cities, and each city is built as beautiful as a garden. Australians wear the same suits and leather shoes as Western Europeans. Australians generally like to eat meat dishes. In addition, Aussies are very interested in Chinese food. As for western food, they prefer to eat butter grilled fish, fried prawns, assorted platters, grilled tomatoes and so on. 

For most international students, it is difficult to integrate into Australian study life, because Australia is a completely foreign country and a completely unknown world to them. However, if you can understand the Australian language, life etiquette and other things in advance, it may become easier to integrate into the local life.

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