How to Inject Excitement Into Your Corporate Event

Corporate events have become a cliche of boredom and monotony.  Unfortunately, this makes attendance dip down and leaves companies with uninspired employees.  There are many things you can do to make an event exciting, though!

These are the top ways to inject excitement into your corporate event and why it matters!

Offer Prizes At The End

Offer prizes that are awarded at the very end of the event, based on tickets you can only pick up at the beginning.  This will ensure everyone stays through the entire event and that sneaking in at the last minute to get a prize won’t work since they weren’t there when tickets were getting handed out.  Prizes give people something thrilling to look forward to and can create a great conversation piece for attendees that want to win them.  Make sure the prizes are interesting and are items employees would want to own.

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Add Some Great Entertainment

Entertainment is a must!  When planning your event, take the time to add some excitement by hiring a DJ like Lauren Mayhew or a stand-up comedian who can keep people laughing throughout the event.  Having fun and cutting loose with employees will give them a reason to focus on what’s happening and keep the moods and attitudes high.

Invite At Least One Physical Activity

Although dancing might not be the best thing for a corporate event, you can find other ways to add a fun physical activity.  This might mean adding in axe throwing lessons in another part of the event, or a fun agility course, with whoever does the best winning a prize for their skills.  These may seem silly, but you can tie them back to your company by saying the axe throwing is like ‘targeting better metrics’ or other fun phrases.

Keep The Energy Up With An MC

Having someone to guide the event like a party can change how everyone views it.  An MC can walk the party through step by step so that everyone knows what to expect and has someone to focus their attention on.  This should be a skilled professional who knows how to make people laugh and keeps them engaged, and has some insight into the company and the people who work for it.

Make Sure Food And Drinks Aren’t Boring.

Although there’s nothing wrong with serving a classic meal of chicken, potatoes and veggies, or pizza, there’s also no written rule that says these are the only kinds of meals you can offer at corporate events.  Ask your office what types of foods they like, and get the event catered by a local restaurant that offers some of those favorites.  Make sure you still have options for anyone with dietary restrictions, but make the food more fun than it has been.

Every Corporate Event Can Be Stunning

Whether this is the first corporate event you’ve ever hosted, or you just want to inject more life into the same old boring ones: it’s important to plan ahead.  Consider some of these awesome options to spark more interest in your next event!