How to Improve Your WooCommerce Store in 2023?

WooCommerce refers to an open-source e-commerce platform which is built and customised on WordPress. It helps in building and managing an online store easily and quickly to sell services and products online. WooCommerce is popular for its manageable factors, cost-effectiveness and flexibility. If you work with a top web hosting service provider, you can enjoy flexibility in even choosing WooCommerce pricing based on your business needs (such as a single store or multiple stores).

After building your WooCommerce store, here are some effective ways to improve it in 2023.

Choose a Great Theme and Useful Plugins

The design and the layout of an online store are the first elements to impress the visitor. Ensure to select a great theme that’s compatible with WooCommerce and can attract and engage visitors.

WooCommerce comes with various plugins that can help boost business growth and sales. WordPress contains more than 54,000 free plugins that can be installed hassle-free. Pick all those plugins that your business needs for better performance.

Optimise Your Site with Quality Videos and Images

Using optimised image sizes can help boost the loading speed of web pages. When doing that, ensure to optimise product images. To engage customers even more, consider providing high-quality product videos besides high-resolution images. Videos can describe your offerings better and thereby help the customer understand them easily.

Improve Customer Relationship

Consider using customer relations management (CRM) tools to avoid customer churn and improve engagement. These tools conduct several functions such as:

  • Personalising marketing campaigns with the help of pop-up notifications and marketing emails
  • Providing fast and effective customer support
  • Tracking the interests and history of the customers

If you opt for a higher WooCommerce pricing and choose a premium plan, you can get added benefits to improve customer relationships. For instance, you can keep away spam and maintain a high loading speed with an unmetered bandwidth while growing your traffic.

Add Pop-Up Notifications

Popups can attract the attention of customers and retain them at your online store longer. A popular kind of popup that you can consider adding is an exit-intent popup. Through effective popups, you can show different offers to users and encourage them to take a step rather than exiting. Such a step can be availing a coupon for a discount or a purchase. You can also use pop-up notifications to minimise cart abandonment, increase page views and build brand awareness.

Use Email Marketing

Email marketing plugins of WooCommerce such as Retainful can help engage visitors at the right stage. You can segment customers depending on their loyalty and activity and send automated emails based on personalised user experience.

To get rid of disposable and spam contacts and collect quality leads, you can consider the WooCommerce plugin called Clearout Email Validation. It helps in validating email contacts during registration or checkout in real-time.

If you need more flexibility and control over your server, you can opt for Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting. In that case, check out VPS server prices offered by the chosen hosting provider. Expect VPS pricing to differ from WordPress hosting prices since VPS is pre-configured for general use, unlike WordPress.