How to get free welcome bonus? Common bonuses at Indian games

In some generous offers you can get up to 50 or 100 free spins along with a deposit bonus or welcome bonus, but these you will have to use on predetermined games that the casino has chosen for you. Sometimes it can be a good game and sometimes not. Cash drops are not real casino bonuses. Especially when it comes to the definition of what a bonus is. Cash Drops are more of a gift from the casino to the players. Money rain, as the cash drops are also called, is a kind of raffle that is awarded to randomly selected players who have played at the casino within a certain time interval. The casino notifies all players about how much will be awarded and not infrequently the total amount is divided into different prize categories. After the end date of the promotion, the winners will be announced and the cash drops will be distributed.

Get free welcome 4rabet bonus

The welcome bonus is especially made for beginners and is only valid once. The 4rabet welcome bonus is denominated in Indian rupees and can go up to £20,000. This promotion means you can get a 200% reward on your first deposit. The conditions of the betting bonus offer must be met.

Claiming the welcome bonus is easy and the betting platform is designed for both, requiring only a few minutes of interaction with your phone or computer. All bonuses are also available on the mobile app.

Here’s how you can claim it:

  • Register on the 4raBet website by selecting your betting bonus;
  • Make your first deposit;
  • Activate the bonus automatically or write a request in the chat;
  • Start the game and get prizes as bonuses.

General information about casino bonuses

Many people also want to test the casino a turn before they dare to make a larger deposit. Then it is good to find a fun new casino that, for example, has a registration bonus without a deposit requirement. In the past, there were usually quite high wagering requirements on registration bonuses without a deposit requirement. The increasingly strict regulations that have been introduced in India, has made it possible to find casinos that offer deposit-free bonuses that are sometimes also completely free of wagering requirements. This is due to the fact that the bonus itself is now lower than it used to be. Another thing that is good to keep an eye on when checking out new casinos is that some casinos also have a withdrawal limit when it comes to winnings from free spins, for example. However, this is now a rarity.

You must be prepared for the fact that 95% of all casino bonuses can only be used on classic slots and slot machines if you want to meet the wagering requirement at the same time. So we’ll start there. Live casino games such as blackjack and roulette unfortunately very rarely accept bonus wagering. Sure, you can go” All-in”, run maxbet and hope to win some jackpot early, but it’s a very risky way to approach the wagering requirement. In order to cope with it as easily as possible and at the same time maintain a low level of risk taking, one should do it in a completely different way.

First of all, you should find out which games you can validly wager the bonus money on. Some games are always excluded so you can skip them. However, of those that are accepted, you should find the casino game that has the lowest variance and the highest RTP. 

Normally, this information is printed at each game. You want the low variance and the high RTP so that you win often and a little instead of a lot and rarely. This way, you will have a better chance of meeting the wagering requirement quickly without losing too much money. In 2019, the new Gambling Act was introduced in India and it meant a lot of changes in the casino sphere. At least in India. Nowadays, there are different gambling licenses to apply for as a casino; online gambling, betting or both. Casino is the updated version of the old Lotteriinspektionen and is also the institution that examines the Indian casino market, prosecutes deficiencies and distributes sanctions fees and warnings if required. But what about casino bonuses? Will the new Gaming Act affect the incentives of bookmakers to change them in any way, or will any part of the new law prevent the bonuses from looking like they do today? In fact, changes among casino bonuses have occurred.

One bonus per player-all casinos that are active in India and market themselves and their business to Indian consumers must have an active and approved gaming license from the Indian gambling Inspectorate. This gaming license then serves as a free pass for the gaming companies to offer bonuses. Or rather, a bonus per newly registered player. A license gives a bonus-sometimes there are game companies that have several casino brands active under one and the same license, then the game company can not offer the same player different bonuses at different casinos without committing regulatory violations and risk penalties, warnings or even exclusion from the Indian market. As a player, you don’t have to worry about committing a mistake or breaking the rules, but you should still be on your guard and not play at casinos that work in the gray zone. That the law was changed to begin with could be seen as the gambling monopoly’s first death knell in an increasingly changing world, where the internet and online casinos reach customers they would otherwise never be able to reach. In other words, a possible limitation among casino bonuses could be seen as a temporary dip in order to later, in the future, rise again and reach new levels of bonus excellence when the reins are released even more.