How To Get Dimitri Characters In Free Fire?

Free Fire enthusiasts are in for a treat as the game commemorates its fourth anniversary with an exclusive collaboration with DJ duo Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike. As part of this special event, players have the opportunity to acquire the in-game avatars of these renowned DJs – Dimitri and Thiva. This guide focuses on the steps to obtain the Dimitri character for free through the ongoing Dimitri Top Up event, showcasing the process and highlighting the character’s unique ability, Healing Heartbeat.

1. The Dimitri Top Up Event:

The Dimitri Top Up event, starting from August 12, 2021, and concluding on August 18, 2021, presents players with the chance to add the iconic character to their collection. To acquire Dimitri, players need to top up their Free Fire diamonds by purchasing 200 diamonds during this event period.

1.1. Event Navigation:

To initiate the process, players should navigate to the events section within the game and locate the “4th Anniversary” tab. Within this tab, the Dimitri Top Up event can be found.

1.2. Claiming the Reward:

Upon selecting the Dimitri Top Up event, players simply need to press the “Claim” button beside the character. This action adds Dimitri to the player’s character inventory, ready to be equipped for in-game adventures.

2. The Healing Heartbeat Ability:

Dimitri’s in-game ability, Healing Heartbeat, adds a strategic advantage to players and their allies during battles. Described as a world-renowned sound technology engineer, Dimitri’s ability creates a 3.5m-wide healing zone. Players and their allies within this zone experience a health recovery of three points per second.

2.1. Key Features:

  • Self-Recovery: Players within the healing zone can also experience self-recovery, regardless of their health level.
  • Duration: The base level healing zone lasts for 10 seconds, providing a substantial period for health regeneration. As players level up, the duration increases to a maximum of 15 seconds.
  • Cooldown Period: The ability has a cooldown period, initially set at 85 seconds, which reduces to 60 seconds at the maximum level. This ensures a strategic balance in deploying the Healing Heartbeat.


Participating in the Dimitri Top Up event not only grants players access to the exclusive character but also unlocks the unique Healing Heartbeat ability. While the event technically requires the purchase of diamonds, the rewards provided are a generous addition for players willing to invest in Free Fire diamonds. As Dimitri becomes a valuable asset in the game, offering strategic advantages and support through Healing Heartbeat, players can enhance their gameplay and increase their chances of success in the intense battles of Free Fire. Don’t miss the opportunity to claim Dimitri and experience the power of Healing Heartbeat in your Free Fire adventures!