How to Get Free Credit

When we talk about online gambling sites, you may hear a lot of names but most of them don’t tend to provide their players with the resources they deserve. Let’s be honest everyone loves freebies especially when it comes to an online casino.

When talking about online gambling apps, 918kiss has to be on that list, and though the casino has a lot of features that are available for the players. There are also ways through which players can get their hands on some free credit.

Though the credits won’t be much but hey! It’s something you are getting for free or in exchange for just following a few steps, so why not just go for it? Well, are you interested in getting yourself some free credit in 918Kiss app?

If yes, then here we did the job for you and have listed some of the ways through which you could grab some of the free credits for your 918Kiss account. Who knows they might even help you win big at the online casino. So without further ado let’s get straight into the prime discussion.

Why Would They Give Me Credits For Free?

If you are at the 918kiss login screen and the question still tickles you that why would such a platform offer you their currency for free, yes that’s kinda absurd. However, they have their reasons, the reasons that are logical and reasonable.

Well firstly, the credits are given to users who are new to the platform to help them settle and explore the whole online casino, specifically the wagering requirements as each casino has its own.

This also allows new customers to have a full experience of the casino and then they can decide to stay or leave according to their judgment.

The gaming platform also wants the players to try and test the new and updated games introduced to the gambling sites before the players themselves invest in new games with their own money.

Though one thing to keep in mind is that the credit amount offered is limited and gamers can only win a limited amount of cash from that.

So at the end of the day, the platform does it all for the players to have a better and more joyful experience at the online casino.

Play The Right Games

When we talk about free credits, one of the best ways to get your hands on them is by playing the right games and making sure you check the game’s tutorial before you take the step of wagering your own money.

One game you would want to try to get some free credits into your account would be Wonderful Blue Slot. The game offers a higher variance along with 23 spins.

The game has to be one of the most popular ones that you will find in this online casino while the principles and rules of the game are just simply perfect. You can also play slots and other games as well to win credits.

Bonuses Lead You To Free Credits

Well be talk about 918Kiss, bonuses are a must-have topic in the conversation. The platform is always willing to give back to its loyal players and has different types of 918Kiss bonuses for its gamers.

Each bonus that the site offers has its unique criteria for claiming and some bonuses might help your account skyrocket while other bonuses will just act like pennies in a penny jar. Nevertheless, it’s all free credits at the end of the day.

So here we have listed some of the bonuses that you can claim for free credits at the 918kiss online casino.

The Perfect Attendance Bonus

As the name goes, this bonus is for the loyal players of the casino, the ones who are willing to maintain their attendance at the online casino.

There is no deposit required for players to claim this bonus and all gamers have to do is play the game for seven consecutive days. While all the members that are registered are already qualified for the bonus.

The catch to getting this bonus in your account is to have a daily bet of 800 MYR for seven consecutive days in a week. The max bonus you will get will be 100 MYR and a turnover of 5x.

The Birthday Bonus

918kiss looks after you and it’s impossible for this online casino to not wish you well on your birthday. As a nice gesture on your birthday, the platform gives away up to 1288 MYR credits for free.

The bonus can be claimed at any time of your birthday month but there’s a catch for the credits. Firstly, the player must contact customer service through live support which they can find at the bottom right side of the screen. Then the player must provide personal details for verification purposes.

Once that is done, the amount will be transferred to the player’s account. To claim this bonus, the player also must have a minimum of 10 deposits on the latest 3 months deposit count.

The Top-Up Bonus

When we talk about bonuses in 918kiss, one fancy bonus that makes it to the list is this one. This bonus gets you 5% bonus credits every time you top up. The bonus can be claimed on weekdays while the whole procedure can be found on the online casino’s website.

The max bonus is 100 MYR with a turnover of 5x. One thing to keep in mind is that the bonus that is won is valid for 30 days unless stated otherwise.

If the participants fail to meet any of the necessary conditions for the bonus, then the bonus will be cancelled along with all the money won.

Final Words

Earning free credits isn’t always gonna be easy. Though the ways that are discussed are the most convenient ones for you and can easily help you get going with your 918kiss account. So make sure you acquire your bonus on time to win big.