How to Find a Good Video Production Service for Law Firms

In order to differentiate from the competition, it is essential for law firms to utilize a video on their websites. Video adds personality and humanizes attorneys, which squashes client concerns about trust. It also helps attorneys explain complicated legal concepts in a way that clients can understand. In today’s age of social media, it is crucial to tell a story through video. A video can be used in many ways, including a website introduction video, promotional videos, client testimonials, and more.

Pain points

Video marketing is an excellent way to raise the profile of your law firm, and it is becoming increasingly popular with consumers. However, law firms have been slow to tap into the power of video marketing because of the perceived time and expense involved. For this reason, law firms are increasingly turning to video production services. Law firms can use explainer videos to introduce themselves to prospective clients, or create definitive resources like 2,500-5,000 word guides that are available as PDF downloads.

Using video to market your law firm is a great way to spruce up your practice and convince prospective clients to hire you. Videos with testimonials and educational material can help create a connection with your audience. One law firm added a video to its website specifically for campaigns. This allows viewers to learn from attorney Jeffrey B. Kelly and find out how he handles such cases. This video allows the law firm to educate potential clients on legal issues and explain their options.


There are a few pros to video production services for law firms. First of all, videos are a great way to connect with potential clients. They are a great way to explain complex laws, answer common questions, or even promote a current issue. Secondly, videos help potential clients see how attorneys handle sensitive situations. A quality video production company can help a law firm get their message to its target audience while ranking high on Google.

Second, videos help humanize your law firm. People watch videos first and usually don’t read much else on a site. Using videos can help separate your firm from your competition. Additionally, these videos can build trust with viewers and motivate them to continue their purchase process. These benefits can’t be underestimated! Here are three reasons why law firms should consider using video production services for their legal marketing. Let’s look at each one.

Finding a partner

Marketing your law firm with videos is an increasingly popular way to stand out from the crowd. However, a large percentage of law firms choose to spend their money on marketing videos instead of producing their own. This is a mistake, because video is an investment and a significant portion of this cost should be allocated to the production of the video. Despite its cost, video marketing is an essential component of any successful law firm’s marketing strategy.

When choosing a partner for video production for law firms, be sure to choose a company with extensive experience in the industry. A company that specializes in this field will offer a full range of video marketing services, including SEO, PPC, and social media management. In addition to law firm video production, many firms offer other digital marketing services, including website design and direct mail campaigns. Other companies that provide video services for law firms include ACR video productions which specializes in video marketing services for lawyers.


Law firms need video production to be seen by clients, but how do they make the most of this marketing medium? There are many options available, and video production is a great way to get in front of consumers at the moment they’re most likely to be interested in a particular topic. While the cost of video production for law firms may seem prohibitive at first, the ROI is impressive. After all, professionally produced video has an unlimited shelf life and can be used on various platforms for years to come. Video is also easy to update, and the raw files can be stored indefinitely.

Video content is an important part of attorney marketing. It can differentiate a law firm, clearly communicate its value proposition, and motivate clients to sign documents. While the approach and cadence of video production will vary for every law firm, it is essential to realize the benefits that a video can offer. Its versatility is beneficial to both global companies and solo entrepreneurs. In addition to law firms, video content is effective for marketing other types of content on a website.