How To Earn Massive Currency In POE 3.22 Through Endgame Legion Mechanism? – Legion Farming Guide

Legion has always been considered one of the most challenging league mechanics in Path of Exile 3.22, but is also highly regarded as one of the most profitable.

Adding a legion to your map will spawn Timeless Monolith in that area. When activated, it spawns an army of monsters and chests. These monsters and chests are initially frozen in the stasis.

You need to break the enemies out of their shells before the stasis timer ends. Any monsters and chests with unbroken shells will disappear as the timer ends.

This Legion farming guide covers the basics of farming Legion and how to maximize your rewards and ability to earn POE Currency.

Legion Mechanics

Each Legion Monolith has many key mechanics to be aware of. And they also have a random element that makes some elements more valuable than others.

Legion Factions

While farming Legion Atlas tree, you may encounter 5 different armies, each monolith spawning two opposing Legion Factions.

Some factions are rarer and more valuable than others, but function exactly the same. Each army will drop fragments of their respective faction. We can buy POE Currency to combine these fragments into Timeless Emblem, which is Legion’s primary reward. These factions and the shards they drop are:

  • Eternal Empire: Timeless Eternal Emblem
  • Vaal: Timeless Vaal Emblem
  • Karui: Timeless Karui Emblem
  • Templar: Timeless Templar Emblem
  • Maraketh: Timeless Maraketh Emblem

Legion Generals

Players can find Legion by interacting with Timeless Monolith. Generally speaking, rarer spawn points will spawn further away from monolith.

Legion Generals will spawn at the end of the formation. Therefore, if you are looking for rare spawn points, it is recommended to delve deeper into the formation as quickly as possible.

It spawned if Legion Generals, a monolith will display a marker at the bottom toward the general. You can easily tell when one or more generals appear when monolith spawns and points to them. Legion Generals will drop many Timeless Splinters.


Legion has tons of bonuses in many parts of the game, but its signature bonus is a big reason it’s so powerful. Timeless Splinters drop frequently and can be combined into Timeless Emblem. These emblems are always in demand, so you can earn handsome POE Orbs profits just by selling Timeless Emblem.

In addition, you can also get Incubators when farming Legion. This is a special currency that can be applied to equipment. After you kill a certain number of monsters, it will burst into a specific type of loot. Effective use of Incubator is an important part of Legion’s profitability.

Choosing an effective incubator when running a Legion strategy is critical to your POE Currency income. Among them, the most suitable Incubators include:

  • Cartographer’s Incubator
  • Diviner’s Incubator
  • Foreboding Incubator
  • Geomancer’s Incubator
  • Infused Incubator
  • Kalguuran Incubator
  • Ornate Incubator
  • Skittering Incubator

How To Run Legion Strategy?

The most efficient way to do this is by stacking Compass modifiers and Scarabs, allowing you to get as many Legions and Legion bonuses as possible on each map.

When running Legion Atlas tree, especially in maps with multiple Monoliths, the large amount of loot dropped can slow you down. If collected during combat, you can easily end up in danger.

Therefore, you must first completely clear the map, including all Legions, and then loot the map after killing most of the monsters, which can save time and avoid death!

How To Scale Loot?

So how do we scale the loot to maximize Legion farming benefits? These tips may solve your problem.

Quantity & Rarity

First, we need to increase the number of items. Although Legion and its loot won’t scale directly with the number of items, it will increase your rewards due to the large number of monsters in it.

Similar to quantity, rarity does not directly affect Legion rewards, but will increase the normal drop rate of monsters spawned by Legion.

In addition, higher map layers increase the rewards dropped by Legion Monsters, War Hoards and Chests. It also increases the chance of encountering rarer Timeless Factions.


Rusted Legion Scarab: This is a great low investment option to start farming Legion, but is almost always overshadowed by other Scarabs. If you POE Currency buy to invest them, don’t settle for Rusted.

Polished Legion Scarab: This is the most cost-effective scarab to use when farming Legion. The extra War Hoard added by this Scarab applies to all Legions spawned in the map.

Gilded Legion Scarab: It spawns two Legion Generals, both of whom will drop many Legion Splinters. While it’s more valuable, they may not be worth it for your character compared to the extra time and difficulty associated with killing the general.

Winged Legion Scarab: Because of its low supply, high demand, and high cost, this means that Winged Legion Scarab is rarely worth purchasing and using for solo players. A group of players usually use these scarabs when playing together.

Compass Modifiers

Compass modifier, “Maps Contain An Additional Legion,” is definitely worth running at all stages of the league, and is especially worth running with Polished Legion Scarab and Gilded Legion Scarab. Because it guarantees you 2 Legion Monoliths with all Scarab effects for a small Divine Orb cost.

Another Compass modifier is “Splinter and Emblem Duplication.” Since it only copies enemies, it’s best run alongside Gilded Legion Scarab, and should only be used by well-equipped characters.

This modifier adds a considerable amount of difficulty for the player, while modestly increasing the rewards from Legion enemies. However, war hoards and chests do not receive these increased rewards.

Map Selection

Legion is an extremely map-dependent mechanic. When Legion Monolith spawns an army in an enclosed space, many monsters will fail to spawn. To ensure you get the maximum rewards and be able to complete legions with ease, you must run them on open layout maps.

  • Dunes: This is an open layout map and one of the fastest maps in Legion. Legion Monolith placement in Dunes is also better than average, often spawning them in large open areas.
  • Jungle Valley Map: It has few obstacles and a quick layout. Not as ideal as Dunes as the trees may hinder some monster spawning, but still great.
  • Cemetery Map: This map won’t be slow, but will have some bad Legion Monolith spawn locations, resulting in some monster losses. Overall, it’s a reasonable choice.

This guide outlines unique and enjoyable Legion farming strategies for low investment and high returns. While it may not be the best method for currency and loot farming, it provides a new and consistent play style that helped us achieve great rewards.