How to download latest version of MEGA888


MEGA888; think Mega, think triple fortune.

Over the years, the casino industry has shifted rapidly from its conventional approach due to the transformation of digital experience via the Internet and social media platforms. As the matter of fact, some of these conventional methods can look like casino members having to be physically present in a casino to get down to business. Or it could just be a couple of guys by the horse track betting on the horse that they think might win. Now, they only need to click to win that fortune. This has made it more convenient for casinos to gain and retain their members. As a result of this, a healthy number of casinos have diverted from the conventional approach to a virtual setting.

Leading us to the birth of MEGA888; which was first launched in 2018 and is the pioneering online casino application across various South-East Asian countries including Malaysia, Cambodia, and Singapore. Additionally, MEGA888 has been praised time and time again for the game’s graphics, customer service, and security. Likewise, the triple fortune focuses on the flexibility and convenience of its online casino fans. Like never before, casino fans that have been around before the rapid evolution of the casino industry are now able to experience a new level of connection with other online casino Malaysia players. The player only requires a mobile device with a reliable internet connection. MEGA888 has had a recent influx of new and existing players as it strives to improve its platform from time to time to continue delivering the best online game casino experience to its users. MEGA888’s community members have increased over the past few years because of the friendly and welcoming atmosphere it administers among its new and existing community members.

Finally, this article briefly highlights what MEGA888 is, while answering the saga of MEGA888 and its availability in the Apple Store, and MEGA888’s official website.

What is MEGA888?

MEGA888 is a trusted and preferred choice of online casino members in the Southeast Asian region. It also runs on the basic concept of ‘work hard, play hard’ as the player is rewarded when greater levels of accomplishments have been completed.

There are rumors that MEGA888 offers its players a wide range of games. It provides more than 100 slot games for its users to choose from, giving them a wide range of options. Some of these games are shooting, fishing, arcade, and live table games. How exciting! But you know what is even more exciting? Players can expect brand-new releases periodically! It is because the game series is maintained and updated accordingly.

Not only does MEGA888 provide a myriad of games but they also incorporate a user-friendly interface as they are well aware of the fact that some of their new members lack the fundamentals of navigating through an online casino. MEGA888 equips its members with the finest user experience. This is presented in the form of incorporating visually aesthetic game features designed by top-notch game designers from the gaming industry. Fuiyoh, did you know that the game’s graphics are illustrated in Ultra High Definition (HD)? Apart from the game designs of MEGA888, the app in itself runs smoothly with little to no lag.

As well as combining features of the traditional-based casino allowing casino players to play, connect and engage with MEGA888’s content from the comfort of their mobile devices saving them the trouble of traveling.  MEGA888 cares about its customer’s needs by providing 24-7 customer service to help you find a working solution right away. Their customer service can be reached through their email, call or chat.

If you’re questioning and having doubts about how secure MEGA888 truly is, allow us to ease your mind. It is pretty secure to the point where unauthorized players are denied access to the lobby of the app if they fail to provide their authentication login details. On top of that, the team of developers made good use of modern technologies to maintain security levels. Hats off to the developers of MEGA888 for going the extra mile to ensure our members feel safe and secure.

Why is MEGA888 not in the Apple app store?

MEGA888 is not available in both the Apple Appstore or Google Playstore. This is mainly because of the iOS and Google Playstore gambling geo-restricted policy limitation. Additionally, the App Store in itself does not allow for non-native (not developed specifically for Apple’s operating system) online casinos to be accepted by the App Store. To our dismay, MEGA888 happens to fall in that category as well. On the bright side, the MEGA888 APK file is available to download limited to Android device users.

For your information, beware of other blogs and sites claiming that MEGA888 can be downloaded for iOS users, as for the time being there aren’t APK or IPA files available for iPhone or Ipad users.

Unfortunately, most users are misled by these sites thinking it’s MEGA888’s file iOS problem when in reality, the download link for them does not actually exist. Well, that sets the definitive narrative for the time being.

Where can I find the official download link for MEGA888?

MEGA888 does have an ‘official’ download link. MEGA888’s official download link can be found on their official partner’s website, BK8 Malaysia.

MEGA888 is yet to launch an official website. The delay in officiating MEGA888’s website is due to certain government regulations and policy restrictions. The triple fortune team is doing its best and is looking into alternative methods to rectify the issue.

In short, this article provided a brief background on the casino industry and its recent developments. A brief history and introduction of MEGA888 are also provided; “Think Mega, think fortune”. Most importantly, there appeared to be a high misconception among Apple users who thought that the issue originated from MEGA888 iOS itself, as has been highlighted above.