How to Create Flawless Websites by Avoiding Common Design Mistakes

In today’s perspective, your website is the only identity of your company. Therefore, it is important that you must ensure that your website is without any flaws. However, while designing this important part of your business, mistakes are bound to occur.

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It is therefore, important for you to know which are those common mistakes that you must avoid while designing your website.

1. Difficult navigation

To address difficult navigation:

  • Outline a clear navigation hierarchy.
  • Ensure easy access to the home page.
  • Verify all links for functionality.

These steps enhance user experience, keeping visitors engaged and on your site longer.

2. Poor colour choice

To address poor colour choice:

  • Limit your palette to three to four colours, including one main, one to two accents, and a text colour.
  • Choose colours aligned with your brand identity.
  • Study colour psychology to ensure your colours evoke the desired emotions in your audience.

3. Lack of responsive design

To ensure mobile responsiveness:

  • Utilize tools like Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test to assess your site.
  • Choose a responsive theme for platforms like WordPress or follow design guidelines.
  • Ensure all elements, such as images and buttons, scale appropriately for mobile viewing, enhancing user experience.

4. Features and benefits are missing

Ensure core website pages highlight key product/service features and benefits. Clearly distinguish between features (e.g., “handmade fabric”) and corresponding benefits (e.g., “designed just for you”). Emphasize unique selling points throughout your site content.

5. Too many elements

To address overcrowding on your website:

  • Trim down unnecessary elements for a minimalist design.
  • Reorganize your site to prioritize essential elements.
  • Utilize white space to enhance readability and create a cleaner browsing experience.

6. Lack-lustre call to action buttons

To enhance CTAs:

  • Use actionable and enticing language.
  • Make CTAs visually stand out with contrasting colours and animations.
  • Test different versions to optimize effectiveness for your audience.

7. Difficult-to-read fonts

To address difficult-to-read fonts:

  • Ensure font sizes are appropriate, with body text at least 16 pts and headings slightly larger.
  • Use Sans Serif fonts for body text, as they are web-compatible and offer readability across devices and sizes.

8. Incomplete website design

To address an incomplete website design:

  • Verify navigation links for accuracy and fix broken links.
  • Ensure consistent design across all pages for cohesion.
  • Purposefully utilize white space to enhance design completeness.
  • Verify all elements are functional and properly placed post-publishing.

9. No reviews on product

To maximize conversions, ensure product or service reviews are prominently displayed on your website.

With 88% of consumers trusting online reviews, maintaining an updated reviews strategy, including case studies and testimonials, is crucial for all industries.

10.  Unsecure site

To address an unsecure website:

  • Obtain an SSL certificate to encrypt information and display HTTPS.
  • Implement additional security measures to protect visitor data and ensure a safe browsing experience for your audience.

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